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Pocket Controller-Enterprise permette di agire sul nostro palmare direttamente dal PC tramite una connessione Bluetooth o USB. Il pogramma offre le stesse funzioni di Pocket Controller-Professional e ne aggiunge altre per poter veramente lavorare sul PPC direttamente con il mouse. Feature Summary: Remote Control - Remotely control and operate one or more mobile devices in real-time from a central location Connectivity - Connect to remote mobile devices using Wired or Wireless TCP/ip LAN/WAN, ActiveSync, Direct Serial, modem or cellular connections, support for direct connections or through HTTP, SOCK4, or SOCK5 Proxies. Connections can be initiated from the desktop computer, or directly from the mobile device. Security - Create administrator and user accounts, allow/deny privileges, allow users to accept/reject remote control session requests, configure authentication and encryption settings Explore Tool - Use this tool to view the remote file system or to transfer files Registry Tool - Use this tool to remotely view or edit the registry of remote devices. Task Manager Tool - Use this tool to remotely activate or terminate a process, or to view process details (i.e. threads, resource details, ...) Macro Recording/Playback - Record and Playback keystrokes to automate common tasks. Software developers can use the advanced Software Regression Testing and Analysis tools to automate testing of new versions of software. Automation - Integrate with third party applications: launch third party applications when specified events occur, execute database Stored procedures or SQL statements. Use command line options to launch and control operation. Audit Logging - Log to database or log file, customize logging information Video Capture - Document problems/solutions by creating Video Recordings that can be e-mailed to the appropriate people Skins - View your mobile device in a skin, automatic download and install skins via the Skin Manager Tool Printing - Create hard copy documentation using the Wysiwyg printing facility Remote DOS - Use the Remote DOS Box to remotely execute DOS commands Scripting - Create/Run scripts to transfer files, reboot remote devices, simulate keystrokes or stylus input Screen Capture - Capture screens and save them to disk in JPG, BMP or GIF format Clipboard - Transfer data between desktop and mobile device programs using the Real-Time clipboard synchronization feature Slow Connection Support - Pocket Controller-Enterprise includes several advanced features to facilitate remote control and management devices to be remotely controlled and managed over slow connections such cellular/GPRS, or modem connections. These features include 4 or 16 color Artificial Color Reduction options, and Advanced Data Compression options. Automatic Device Software Upgrade - Automatically upgrades Pocket Controller-Enterprise device software to latest version Time Synchronization - Synchronize your mobile device close with a local/remote SNTP time server Application Integration - Integrate Help Desk support directly into your mobile device applications via our "One Click Support" application interface.
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Trial

Dimensioni: 4.9 Mb

OS: WinAll

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