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News del 30 Novembre 04 Autore: Cānaro
PixMatrix 2.0
PixMatrix permette di creare velocemente album fotografici per il Web, annunci per aste online e pagine Web. Č fornito con un gran numero di template, texture e clipart che offrono infinite opportunitā di personalizzazione. L'insieme delle funzionalitā di PixMatrix include template pronti per l'uso, texture, clipart, un editor HTML WYSIWYG, controllo ortografico, editing batch di immagini integrato, creazione di miniature, FTP con preselezioni per i maggiori ISP, aste ed estrazioni online e filmati guida esaustivi. USE PIXMATRIX TO:
  • Create web pages featuring your hobby then share them with others. Use the web pages to organize hobby-related activities and communicate with others who have the same interests. Click here to learn more.
  • Design auction ads featuring personalized web pages containing your digital images. Use your free web space for image hosting. The PixMatrix auction utility makes ad extraction quick and easy. Click here for an auction demo.
  • Create an online photo gallery for your office parties, school or club functions, team events, and family gatherings or anytime you want to share your digital images with others.
  • Save time by easily creating a fast downloading, professional quality web page with scores of pictures in minutes.
  • Prevent frustration when e-mailing others large numbers of images and needlessly tying up their system. Allow your recipients to choose the download time by using PixMatrix to create a web page and e-mailing the address instead.
  • Highlight your organization on the Internet by building a web site that acts as your digital 'business card'.
  • Get creative and use PixMatrix to construct your own unique web site.
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