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News del 29 Novembre 01 Autore: Cānaro
Pinnacle ha rilasciato StudioPCTV Series 4.02 per Windows XP.

Details and components of installation PCTV 4.02a
for WinXP:

This driver is for WinXP only, it is not tested
or approved for other OSs
You can install this version on a previous
version (4.00) or if no PCTV version is installed

Supported languages: D / GB / F / NL / E / I / P

- System Software: Drivers for OS, Twain driver
- Application: PCTV Vision, PCTV WebText (depends
on region) , PCTV Radio (depends on HW)
- Tools: PCTV Assistant, PCTV Remote
- Documentation: -none-

Attention: After setup and reboot, the Pinnacle
PCTV-Assistant will launch. Do not contniue with
this application. Please wait for the WinXP-
Hardware-Wizard to detect the PCTV card and ask
for the driver. Continue with the WinXP-Wizard
using "Next" and "Finish" (may be two times) and
AFTER this, continue with the Pinnacle PCTV-

Users will need to autoscan for channels using
Setting, Channels Autoscan.

OS : Win XP
File Size : 27 MB
Last Update : 28/11/2001

StudioPCTV Series 4.02 for Windows XP
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