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News del 01 Novembre 04 Autore: Capoccione
Rilasciata una nuova patch per Pinnacle Studio 9, il programma di editing video di fascia Home di Pinnacle. Molti i miglioramenti e le correzioni apportate da questa patch al programma. La patch si applica su tutte le versioni di Studio ed è cumulativa, quindi contiene tutte le pach precedentemente uscite, ed raccomandato disinstallare tutto il programma e reinstallarlo (senza altre patch) prima di installare ulteriori aggiornamenti onde evitare problemi di stabilità (specialmente se si è installata una versione beta). Queste le differenze dall'ultima versioe 9.1.2 Significant improvement in ChromaKeyer quality DV camcorders are now initialized properly on French systems. Can no longer trim multiple-selected clips (this caused clips to disappear) Improved performance with cutting and pasting clips and transitions together. DC10+ Custom settings are properly retained after selecting SECAM DC10+ Capture settings and preset options are now displayed properly Slow-mo effects on the overlay track are now rendered properly Undoing changes to motion menus now works correctly Trimming clips on the primary video track now updates linked clips correctly Improved preview of Smartmovies Improved DV editing performance No longer creates DVD layer break in single-layer projects Setting a chapter link in the same clip to multiple menus in Storyboard mode works properly After undo of SmartMovie, "Create SmartMovie" button is no longer disabled Preview for generic YUV capture devices now works properly HFX transitions are properly installed locked/unlocked as applicable; previously installed HFX transitions are properly accessible in the album and in saved projects Applying a time effect to a clip now works properly for all effect settings Supports Dual layer DVD image creation even if the system does not have a Dual Layer burner Several Operation failed errors with transitions, trimming and clip insertion addressed “J” and “L” cuts and transitions are now handled correctly Performance improvement in insertions of large number of clips from the tape album UI clean up for audio and video tool boxes Performance enhancements in menu, graphic and title display in the album Performance enhancement in timeline playback of the project Can now copy selected clips if first clip in selection is a Fade In/Out transition Split clip in Storyboard and Text view now updates correctly Can now export project using smart sound or CD audio Fade transition is now applied correctly on audio HFX filter now applies correctly Features and Fixes in 9.3.0 from 9.1.2 New Features Surround sound is now ProLogic II compatible, with separate Right and Left rear channels Surround sound can now be previewed using the PC soundboards surround outputs Supports dual-layer DVD-9 burners and media Supports new version of SmartSound (QuickTracks 3) with , purchase and download of individual songs When patching versions other than Studio Plus, Studio Plus features may be used in locked (watermarked) mode and may be unlocked via on-line purchase. For Studio Plus owners, the Studio Plus features will, of course, still be unlocked and available Second Video Track Picture in Picture Chroma Key Pan and Zoom for still images Dolby Digital 2 channel audio output Supports the advanced codec pack, available for on-line purchase Dolby Digital 2 channel audio output Dolby Digital 5.1 channel audio output MPEG 4 output MP3 output Capture Improvements and Enhancements Studio Deluxe and Studio AV/DV can now capture 16x9 capture source Capture problems with PCTV Stereo resolved Scene detection now works properly for long MJPEG captures Edit Mode Improvements and Enhancements Intermittent crashes with some wipe transitions have been solved HFX Pro can now use mpeg files for host video Performance improvements with complex projects and large number of still images Title and Menu album drop down list is now maintained correctly Make Movie Improvements and Enhancements Several causes of rendering hangs have been solved Several causes of failure to compile have been solved MPEG encoder improvements Solved AV Sync problem that could occur when editing transitions between stills and video clips HFX rendering switches from hardware acceleration to software rendering when card-specific problems are detected Rendering cropped DC10 files to mpeg no longer causes scaling artifacts DVD-9 Dual layer drive support Improvements made to DVD capacity estimation Improvements made to AVI file size estimation DVD burning speed is now properly using the value specified in Setup / Make Disc Fixed problem with multi-page VCD menus Highlights on DVD submenus now work correctly Resolved problems with audio and video dropouts with some projects Se non vi dovesse funzionare il download, cliccate sul link con il tasto destro e selezionate "Salva oggetto con nome". Grazie a Betto per la velocissima segnalazione!
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