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News del 24 Marzo 04 Autore: Capoccione
Studio 9.0.8 includes the following improvements over Studio 9.0.2 - Could not put transitions adjacent to menus - Audio Tool sound meters would sometimes be pegged to maximum level - DVD Next and Previous buttons would not always work - Could not always change duration in Background Music tool - Intermittent Fail To Compile error when making a VCD project - General stability has been greatly improved, especially during background rendering. - Many problems with burned DVDs have been fixed, including video stuttering, audio dropouts and audio-video synchronization errors. - Disc-burning capabilities have been improved for certain models of Pioneer and Sony disc burners. - Adding, deleting or moving buttons in a menu (using the Titler) no longer causes existing links to be reassigned. - MPEG-2 files that are captured at DVD quality are no longer re-rendered for output to DVD. - When rendering a clip with a title overlay to MPEG-1 MPEG-2, Studio no longer creates a duplicate video frame at the end of the title. - The custom profiles for rendering Windows Media files are now updated to Windows Media 9. - The volume meters in the Volume Tool now show the proper levels when Studio is first launched, and after a clip has been deleted. - Importing certain MP3 files no longer causes Studio to hang. - Audio cross-fades (during a video transition) are now rendered at the correct volume levels. - Studio no longer crashes or hangs occasionally when you add an effect during background rendering, or when you close the Toolbox. - Certain video and audio effects ( old film and audio noise reduction) now work properly when applied to clips over 16 minutes long. - New feature: transparent areas of titles and menus are now displayed as a checkerboard pattern (instead of black) in the Album and on the Timeline. - New feature: you can now change the duration of multiple titles or clips simultaneously, using the timecode control in the Trimmer Tool.La patch non va installata su versioni di Studio 9.0.6 full install Per maggiori info potete leggere la prima parte dell'articolo/guida su questo programma pubblicato su SWZone cliccando su questo link!
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