Pidgin 2.7.8

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News del 22 Dicembre 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Pidgin 2.7.8

Pidgin (precedentemente noto come Gaim) è un client di istant messaging multipiattaforma e multiprotocollo.


# General:
- Fix the exceptions in purple-remote on Python 2.6+. (Ari Pollak) 

# Pidgin:
- When a conversation has reached the maximum limit on the number of smileys, display the text representation of the smiley properly when it contains HTML-escapable characters (e.g. "<3" was previously displayed as "&lt;3").
- Drop dependency on GdkGC and use Cairo instead.
- New UI hack to assist in first-time setup of Facebook accounts with icon from Jakub Szypulka.
- Don´t hide the buddy list if there is no notification area in which to put the icon. 

# libpurple:
- Fix multipart parsing when ´=´ is included in the boundary for purple_mime_document_parse. (Jakub Adam) 

# AIM and ICQ:
- Buddies who unset their status message will now be correctly shown without a message in your buddy list. 

# Gadu-Gadu:
- Updated our bundled libgadu and minimum requirement for external libgadu to 1.9.0. 

# MSN:
- Stop showing ourselves in the list of endpoints that can be disconnected.
- Allow full-size display names, by not escaping (most) non-English characters. 
- Fix receiving messages from users on Yahoo and other federated services. 
- Correctly remove old endpoints from the list when they sign out.
- Add option to disable connections from multiple locations. 
- Correctly update your own display name in the buddy list. 
- Correctly show ourselves as offline in the buddy list when going invisible. 
- Correctly update your own icon in the buddy list. 
- Remove struct packing for better portability.

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Licenza: Open source

OS: Windows, Linux, OS X

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