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News del 23 Ottobre 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Pidgin 2.7.4

Pidgin (precedentemente noto come Gaim) è un client di istant messaging multipiattaforma e multiprotocollo.


# General:
- Fix search path for Tk when compiling on Debian Squeeze. (#12465)
- purple-remote now expects and produces UTF-8. (Guillaume Brunerie)(#12049)
- Add Deutsche Telekom, Thawte Primary, and Go Daddy Class 2 root CAs (#12667, #12668, and #12594)
- Fix CVE-2010-3711 by properly validating return values from the purple_base64_decode() function before using them.
- Fix two local crash bugs by properly validating return values from the purple_base16_decode() function before using them. 

# libpurple:
- Fall back to an ordinary request if a UI does not support showing a request with an icon. Fixes receiving MSN file transfer requests including a thumbnail in Finch. (#12561)
- Fix an invalid memory access when removing UPnP mappings that could cause sporadic crashes, most notably when MSN Direct Connections are enabled. (#12387)
- Add a sentence to the certificate warning for expired certificates suggesting the user check their computer´s date and time. (#12654) 

# Pidgin:
- Add support for the Gadu-Gadu protocol in the gevolution plugin to provide Evolution integration with contacts with GG IDs. (#10709)
- Remap the "Set User Mood" shortcut to Control-D, which does not conflict with the previous shortcut for Get Buddy Info on the selected buddy.
- Add a plugin action menu (under Tools) for the Voice and Video Settings plugin.
- Use GRegex for the debug window where available. This brings regex filtering to the debug window on Windows. (Eion Robb) (#12601)
- Add Google Chrome to the list of possible browsers on non-Windows systems.
- Add Chromium to the list of possible browsers on non-Windows systems.
- The "Manual" browser option is now stored as a string. It is no longer necessary to specify a full path to the browser command. (Rodrigo Tobar Carrizo) (#12024)
- The Send To menu can now be used if the active account in the conversation becomes disabled or inactive. (Keith Moyer) (#12471)
- xdg-open is now the default browser for new users on non-Windows platforms. (Stanislav Brabec) (#12505) 

# Finch:
- Add support for drop-down account options (like the SILC cipher and HMAC options or the QQ protocol version). 

- Unify the connection security-related settings into one dropdown.
- Fix a crash when multiple accounts are simultaneously performing SASL authentication when built with Cyrus SASL support. (thanks to Jan Kaluza) (#11560)
- Restore the ability to connect to XMPP servers that do not offer Stream ID. (#12331)
- Added support for using Google´s relay servers when making voice and video calls to Google clients.
- Fix detecting file transfer proxies advertised by the server.
- Advertise support for Google Talk´s JID Domain Discovery extension in all cases again (changed in 2.7.0), not just when the domain is "" or "" (it´s also needed for Google Talk used for accounts on arbitrary domains not using Google Apps for Your Domain). (#a14153)
- Improved handling of adding oneself to your buddy list when using Non-SASL (legacy) authentication. (#12499)
- Generate a connection error instead of just stalling when the _xmppconnect TXT record returns results, but none of them result in a valid BOSH URI. (#a14367, #12744) 

# Yahoo/Yahoo JAPAN:
- Stop doing unnecessary lookups of certain alias information. This solves deadlocks when a given Yahoo account has a ridiculously large (>500 buddies) list and may improve login speed for those on slow connections. (#12532)
- Fix sending SMS messages. The lookup host changed on us. (Thanks to todo) (#12688).
- Improvements for some file transfer scenarios, but not all. 

# Windows:
- Bonjour support now requires Apple Bonjour Print Services version 2.0.0 or newer (

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