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News del 02 Giugno 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Pidgin 2.7.1
Pidgin (precedentemente noto come Gaim) è un client di istant messaging multipiattaforma e multiprotocollo.


* General
- Build fixes on OpenSolaris. (Brian Lu)
- Add configure option --enable-trayicon-compat which installs tray icons into directories that are compatible with older versions of hicolor-icon-theme (0.9). 

* Pidgin
- Restore the tray icon´s blinking functionality.
- Fix a crash setting moods when an account is disconnected. 

* Bonjour
- Fix a crash on disconnect. 

- Fix bug that caused HTML to be displayed in incoming messages. 

- Fix unnecessary bandwidth consumption for buddy icon requests when buddies have capital letters in their passport addresses.
- Support for direct connections, enabling faster file transfers, smiley and buddy icon loading. (Gábor Szuromi) 

- Allow connecting to servers that advertise EXTERNAL (broken in 2.7.0) 

* MXit
- Replace the MXit-specific mood management with the new standard Moods API.
- Add the standard MXit emoticons.
- Improve the handling of users being kicked from MultiMX rooms.
- MXit doesn´t allow you to see your buddy´s Email Address or Title, so remove those two fields from the "Buddy Information" page.
- Show buddy´s Registration Country in their profile.
- Increment protocol version to v6.0
- If an invite you sent was rejected with a reason, display that message in the buddy tooltip.
- CAPTCHA value is a required field during account activation. (Resolves issue on Maemo)
- When your avatar image is changed, don´t forget the user´s profile information. 

* Windows-Specific Changes
- Fix a regression introduced in 2.7.0 that caused Window Flashing not to work.
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OS: Windows, Linux, OS X

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