Photoshop Express Beta 4

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News del 13 Agosto 08 Autore: Gianplugged
Photoshop Express Beta 4

Nuova beta per Photoshop Express la versione online del famoso software di elaborazione immagini di Adobe

Nuove Features:

Seamless uploading
Upload your photos more easily with our new Photoshop® Express Uploader. Drag and drop from your desktop or another favorite photo app. One quick download, and you´ll be uploading away.

Add music, stir
Want to add a little soul to your slide show? Choose a tune (like country? Or is emo more your style?), and pick your music track when you´re creating your slide show.

Print your pics
Uncle Bob may not hang out online. Make sure he gets to see your masterpiece: Get prints of your digital photos on Shutterfly.

Tag your photos
Make your life a little easier—add tags to your photos. Then you can view and sort by name, subject, party, whatever.

So someone else took the coolest shot you´ve ever seen? Now you can download photos from anyone´s public albums, and keep a collection of your favorites.

Connect with Eye-Fi
Wirelessly upload shots directly from your camera to your photo library with an Eye-Fi Card. It´s automagic.

You want your latest and greatest photo front and center—on Facebook, your cell, wherever. Pick a preset image size for mobile, web, or e-mail and resize with one click, or set your own width and height.

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