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News del 28 Giugno 03 Autore: Giancarlof
PhaseOut 5.0 ha nella personalizzaione una delle sue maggiori caratteristiche, si può scoprire la sua flessibilità usando le skin del programma. La principale peculiarità è quella di un catalogatore di Browser, blocca i popup è uno Flash skin manager, un controllore per la navigazione in fullscreen, un organizzatore dei favoriti, presenta un servizio di screen integrati e permette il controllo da parte dei genitori per la prevenzione dell'accesso. Tutte le caratteristiche le potete leggere qui sotto. Program add-ons, features and technical specifications:
  • Browser: PhaseOut is a tabbed browser. With PhaseOut you use all Explorer's features in a new enviroment, with the aspect nearest to your own taste with, in addition, some intuitive, friendly aids and navigation tools. The libraries (including favorites, history, etc.) are shared with IE, but the data is used slightly different, improving not only the performance of the classic features, but giving you some unique advanced powerful tools to ensure the best navigation experience that a browser could offer.
  • Clean up: with this tool you can keep your browser clean from unwanted data or erase any trace of the last visited urls, history, cookies, typed urls, chache passwords, temporary files, recent opened files, etc. You can specify the clean up settings in the option panel or choose to erase just one of the selectable items with the right mouse menu.
  • PopUp Blocker: this tool prevents you from unwanted popup openings. PhaseOut offers you three rules to handle the popups and you can manage a Black list (banned) and a White list (allowed) of popup pages.
  • Photomail: send your instant pics to your friends. Make photo, choose from your address book even multiple recipients and send emails with your instant pictures !!! WARNING: This function works only if a webcam is installed.
  • OnLine Shoppig: top quality sites list divided by argument and interest for on-line shopping. Shopping references have their own message board panel. The panel can be used to show any content (ADs or News).
  • Channels: the best selection of web sites divided by general interest. Channels have their own message board panel. The panel can be used to show any content (ADs or News).
  • E-mail: Receive, send e-mails with your e-mail client. Send web pages preview and links to friends.
  • Search Advanced Tools: perform multiple search taking advantage from the power of Google, Yahoo, Altavista, and many other International engines all joined together for a wide range search.
  • History and Favorites Tools: Add, manage, organize your collection of sites. Includes a powerful easy tool for finding sites within your list, avoiding occasional waste of time.
  • Skin Manager: Use the skin manager to change the skins on the fly or to download and install new skins from the PhaseOut skin database.
  • Preview Bar: view thumbnails of the web pages and their loading progress, use the thumbnails to switch between the pages.
  • Controller: This is one of the most impressive tools of PhaseOut. Use it to collaps the tool bar to free more space for the sites content. As you can see, we explore and search constantly for many alternative ways for the interface of the browser engine. Controller is an extreme example of how PhaseOut can be flexible in designing alternative or customized GUI solutions.
  • Messenger: Calls and opens your messenger directly from the Browser. PhaseOut let you select your default messenger at the first startup of this feature.
  • Option Panel: all settings can be viewed and modified in the PO5 option panel, anytime.
  • Top Menus and Right Mouse Menu: most of the features are accessible from those menus.
  • Remote Admin: [PRO solutions only] tools to organize the Channels and Shopping link menus and Message Boards in the customized branded browser skins made for PhaseOut's customers.
  • System Locking and Parental Control: [PRO solutions only] a full set of options for preventing unwanted system access and unwanted Web content vision.
  • Next Features: For your information, special versions for kids and and for employee control is under development. Subscribe to the PO5 Newsletter to receive informations.
Release del 14 Giugno 2003
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: Mb 1.75

OS: Windows 98/2000/XP Macromedia Flash 6.0

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