PeaZip 5.5.0

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News del 20 Ottobre 14 Autore: Gianplugged
PeaZip 5.5.0

Disponibile una nuova versione di PeaZip , software Open Source che si occupa di creare ed estrarre archivi compressi in svariati formati, disponibile per Windows a 32 e 64 Bit e per Linux.

Disponibile, nella pagina download, anche in versione standalone.


PeaZip Additional Format Plugin 2, now containing also quad and balz binaries

Image manager
Added 4K and 8K formats pre-sets in fit image to resolution
Added JPEG quality 90, 75 and 50 to Image manager pre-set context menu entries
Added TIFF, PPM, and XPM formats as image conversion options
Added to context menu (in Image manager group) common pre-set entries for resize, fit, and convert operations
New advanced rename functions (context menu): uppercase, lowercase, add string at fixed position, delete n chars at fixed position, replace/remove string (optionally case sensitive), change file extension
New file rename dropdown menu also featured in File management tool bar
New advanced selection features
Starting with same character (optionally case sensitive) of selected object
Size similar to selected object; size smaller/larger than
Date similar to selected object; current hour, day, week, month, year
Advanced selection dialog Select..., features add/subtract to current selection, available in toolbar, address bar (search group) and context menu
New Copy path feature: copy current path or selected items paths as UTF8 string for any use
Various fixes

Added "Halt system after task completion" flag in Advanced compression/extraction options tab
Added option to remove single intermediate directory upon Extract to new folder operation in Options > Settings > Archive management
New task options dropdown menu in the button on the left of "Cancel", showing thread priority option and "Cancel all"
"Cancel" notification no longer trigger additional message box
New "Cancel all" function stop the sequence of following tasks

179 file extensions supported
Added support for .xzm Porteus Linux packages

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open source

Dimensioni: 5.8 MB

OS: Windows

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