PeaZip 4.8

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News del 23 Novembre 12 Autore: Gianplugged
PeaZip 4.8

Disponibile una nuova versione di PeaZip , software Open Source che si occupa di creare ed estrarre archivi compressi in svariati formati, disponibile per Windows a 32 e 64 Bit e per Linux.

Disponibile, nella pagina download, anche in versione standalone.



Image manager, handles BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF images
rotate, flip, mirror
transform: resize/fit to, and convert in a single passage
Functions side bar: quick acess to alphabetically sorted most commonly used functions of the program
Presets in Organize menu collects most common browser´s settings, featured also in Organize group in context menu and in status bar
Browser´s presets can be toggled with Alt+6, Sorting is now toggled with Alt+5
Updated themes and PeaLauncher icon
Various minor fixes and enhancements


Improved mail integration
Send by mail option featured in main archive creation/conversion tab
Send by mail by default now does not keep a copy of the sent archive on the filesystem
Added Keep archive switch to optionally save on the filesystem archives sent by mail
Added -add2multi7zmail and -add2multizipmail switches (for context menu entries) to copress and mail
Added "Zip and mail" context menu entry, enabled by default, in context menu install screen
Added WIM to quick format selection menus
Fixed Convert quick format selection popup menu when browsing archives, only formats suitable for conversion procedure are presented
Fixed opening with custom application inside ARC format
PeaLauncher minimized status is inherited by following instances, in order to not steal focus when multiple instances are operating in background
Previewing archived files with PeaZip sets the temporary copy read only, so the user is presented "save as" dialog if files are changed


New installation option "No system integration", avoids menu entries and file associations
Default, Custom and No system integration options are now available in the Options > System integration wizard

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open source

OS: Windows, Linux

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