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News del 16 Settembre 09 Autore: Gianplugged
PeaZip 2.7.0

#2.7 line is focused to a major GUI update, featuring a clearer taskbar, and compression and extraction stages with a simpler, task oriented interface, whithout losing the flexibility of composing job´s layout from multiple sources and ability to toggle between browser and job definition mode as in previous versions of the program.

#In PeaZip 2.7 it is possible to save/restore layouts also for extraction jobs (not only for compression), simplifying saving and restoring previously definited backup or restore tasks, and to compress files/folders into individual archives from archive creation interface; it is also possible (optionally) to open automatically the output path after extraction/compression operations, like some other archivers does.

#FreeArc backend is updated with new 0.51 version, allowing creation of self-extracting ARC archives, and 7z backend is updated to 9.07.

#PAQ, LPAQ and ZPAQ are supported for archiving and extraction; ZPAQ support is still partial, allowing only saving and restoring to original full paths (recommended for backup/restore only, rather than for general purpose archiving tasks).

#On Linux, .desktop files (KDE) and Nautilus scripts (Gnome; needs to be manually copied in script´s folder) were updated to use the new extraction dialog.

#Windows installer was updated to create context menu´s extraction entries only for archive types, and to restore association of ZIP files with Compressed Folder utility when PeaZip is uninstalled.

#A total of 95 file extensions are supported.
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