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Patch My PC
Patch My PC è un programma freeware e portabile per Windows che identifica automaticamente nuove versioni dei programmi più popolari in circolazione installati sui PC e ne propone l´aggiornamento. 

Patch My Pc monitora i software più diffusi come Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java, Apple Quicktime, Apple iTunes, Microsoft Updates e molti altri.


Minor changes as a result of a future hosting upgrade
This will resolve an issue where version and before will be unable to install windows updates in the near future

What’s new in
Fixed a few minor bugs After performing an application install and clicking Re-Check Software you may receive an unhandled exception
Other minor bugs

Improved logging for the download and installation
Improved the icon quality

What’s new in
Removed Avast Free Antivirus due to their installer installing bloat ware
Fixed bug where you would receive the error “Unable to verify download URL” when the option “Keep content after downloading” was checked if the update was previously downloaded
Will no longer auto scroll to the bottom if you have a lot of applications listed as updated/outdated when the application is first opened
Removed InPaint since it is no longer a free application

What’s new in
The keep content after exiting would not keep checked after closing the application
Clicking Re-Check software would not list anything in version
Re-Check software will now also list updated applications
The Update Status should now auto scroll as updates are being installed
Defraggler has been removed since the slim version is no longer available and the standard version auto installs Google Toolbar and Google Chrome

What’s new in
The disable auto update feature would be ignored for Patch My PC self updater
HWMonitor Pro would be incorrectly detected
Potplayer, µTorrent, WinDirStat, Sony PC Companion, Yahoo! Messenger may not be detected correctly
Skype would say it failed to install even when it was installed successfully
KeePass version would not display the latest version in the other apps
Added an option to not delete the update cache folder
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Free

Dimensioni: 378 KB

OS: Windows

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