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News del 09 Novembre 02 Autore: Bodyzen
Un comodo password manager.Caratteristiche:
  1. Clean, easy to use, standard Windows interface
  2. Secure 128-bit Diamond2 encryption
  3. Multiple password accounts on a single PC
  4. Create detailed descriptions, usernames and notes for each password entry
  5. Hyperlinks in the notes field will launch your web browser and can also open local or mapped network folders as well as launch programs
  6. Password expiration notices
  7. Copy username, password or note information to the clipboard, or paste clipboard text in as a new password entry
  8. Create encrypted export files of your password data for backup or import to another PC
  9. Customizable "time-out" feature to secure the program and your data after a period of system inactivity
  10. Print hard copies of your password information
  11. Many Customizable interface elements and security parameters
  12. Full on-line and "What's This?" help
Freeware, Winall, 0.7 Mb.
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