Paint.NET 4.0 Beta (build 5268)

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News del 06 Giugno 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Paint.NET 4.0 Beta (build 5268)
Paint.NET è un programma di foto editing gratuito, alternativo al Paint standard incluso nei Sistemi Operativi Microsoft che offre molti effetti speciali e la possibilità di interagire con dei plugin aggiuntivi. 

Note di rilascio:

The fourth beta build for 4.0 is now available!

To install, you can either 1) use the built-in updater from a previous 4.0 build, or 2) use the built-in updater from v3.5.11 if you have “Also check for pre-release (beta) builds”, or 3) download it from the forum at:

The Line/Curve tool is now back, and the Line and Curve shapes have been removed from the Shapes tool
Improved rendering quality of the Line/Curve tool, especially when antialiasing is disabled
The rectangle shape now draws using an “inset” brush stroke. This helps prevents blurriness with odd-sized brush widths
Shapes tool now lets you commit by clicking outside of the bounding box of the current shape. (you can also start drawing a new shape via clicking and dragging, of course)
Improved rendering quality of brush tools when antialiasing is disabled
Improved performance of Shapes and Line/Curve tools on most systems (e.g., less than 8 CPU cores)
Improved rendering quality of Image->Resize when using Nearest Neighbor
Fixed the Palette chooser in the Colors window, which was going away when you tried to move the mouse to click on one of its items
Fixed some broken clipping when using Paste and “Expand Canvas”
Intel-based GPUs now default to having hardware acceleration disabled. You may still force it to be enabled from the Settings dialog.
When pasting, the PNG format now has a higher priority than CF_DIB, which allows easier access to transparency (alpha) from other applications
Tools no longer incorrectly commit when clicking on the currently active layer in the Layers window
The layer’s opacity was being ignored while drawing if it was the lowest (index zero) layer
You can now copy a file from File Explorer and Paste it into Paint.NET (regression from 3.5)
Fixed the canvas scroll bars occasionally being incorrect after maximizing the main window and then restoring it
Fixed radio button group tab processing
Fixed many small miscellaneous crashes
New language: Czech
I’m summarizing and consolidating the bug list here a little … there are 52 fixed bugs since the last public beta Smile

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 5.8 MB

OS: Windows

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