Paint.NET 4.0 Beta (build 5168)

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News del 25 Febbraio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Paint.NET 4.0 Beta (build 5168)
Paint.NET è un programma di foto editing gratuito, alternativo al Paint standard incluso nei Sistemi Operativi Microsoft che offre molti effetti speciali e la possibilità di interagire con dei plugin aggiuntivi. 

Note di rilascio:

he second beta build for 4.0 is now available! We’re getting very close to the final release now :)

To install, you can either 1) use the built-in updater from a previous 4.0 build, or 2) use the built-in updater from v3.5.11 if you have “Also check for pre-release (beta) builds” enabled, or 3) download it directly on the forum at

Special thanks to volunteers on the forum for the new languages, and corrections to existing ones! http://forums.getpai…via-crowdinnet/

Here are the changes and fixes since the last beta build (5152):

Added new languages: Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal)
Fixed many typos and clumsy translations in various languages
Fixed the main window growing taller and flashing black after being minimized and then restored
Fixed the tools committing their changes to the image when trying to exit the application (waste of CPU/disk)
Fixed the current layer not being preserved when using one of the Image -> Rotate commands
Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working in some cases if the mouse was positioned over the toolbar
Fixed some inappropriate text wrapping in drop down boxes in German (the text is now clipped with “…” instead)
Fixed the Recolor tool’s shortcut mistakenly being ‘e’ instead of ‘r’
Pressing ‘A’ now cycles through the shapes when the Shapes tool is active (Shift+A cycles backward)
Fixed mouse input centering for the brush tools when antialiasing was disabled
Re-enabled Ctrl+D as a “commit” button
Moved the “Finish” button (green checkmark) to the end of the toolbar and included the “Finish” text so that it is easier to aim at
Fixed some font previews rendering as gray instead of black
Fixed a crash that was most easily reproducible by copying an image from IE11 and then clicking on File->New Image
Image close buttons are now appropriately styled on Windows 7
Fixed a dangling progress bar after running some effects
Fixed some drifting color value problems in the Colors window when changing Hue, Saturation, and/or Value
Fixed a crash caused by 3rd-party visual themes that try to use fonts that don’t exist
Fixed a crash when toggling a layer’s visibility while using the Move Selected Pixels tool and then undoing
Fixed a crash when opening an image due to not being able to create the thumbnail for the File -> Open Recent list
Fixed a crash on startup due to the user’s My Documents folder not existing
Changed the canvas background color to gray when using the Blue theme
Fixed an error whereby committing an action, changing the active layer, undoing, and then redoing would cause the action to be redone on the new layer instead of the one it was originally drawn on
Fixed shortcut keys not working for toggling line styles and caps for the Shapes tool
Fixed some styling issues in the Settings dialog in the Tools section
Fixed some delayed crashes with some effect plugins which would happen when trying to do an action afterward
Fixed a crash caused by pressing Escape while drawing a shape
Fixed many plugin compatibility and crash issues


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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 3.55 MB

OS: Windows

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