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News del 13 Luglio 02 Autore: Fabionapoli
Rilasciata una nuova release di Padus Discjuggler, eccellente programma di masterizzazione.Queste le novità:
  • Added support for more CD and DVD drives.
  • Fixed a problem where the Matsushita 720 combo drive would return DVD-RAM write capabilities.
  • Fixed a problem where certain LG drives would not complete the write process correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where a DVD+R would not be finalized.
  • Fixed a problem where a DVD+RW would not be properly erased when "Full Erase" is requested.
  • Added error message in the log when a drive is being terminated to preserve the writing process.
  • Added button to Options dialog box.
  • Fixed a speed selection problem where the "Cache to temporary image" attribute would not be properly selected.
  • Removed a warning of TOCs containing tracks smaller than 2 seconds for DVD media.
  • Removed a warning of read speed lower than write speed even when caching to hard drive is enabled.
  • Fixed a problem where the task would start automaticaly as soon as a blank disc is detected even if in the option was specified to wait for user confirmation.
  • Fixed problem where audio re-synchronization method could not be changed. Licenza Shareware
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