PHP 5.5.0 Beta 1

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News del 23 Marzo 13 Autore: Gianplugged
PHP 5.5.0 Beta 1
Note di rilascio:

- Core:
  . Added Zend Opcache extension and enable building it by default.     More details here: (Dmitry)
  . Added array_column function which returns a column in a multidimensional    array. (Ben Ramsey)
  . Fixed bug #64354 (Unserialize array of objects whose class can´t    be autoloaded fail). (Laruence)
  . Added support for changing the process´s title in CLI/CLI-Server SAPIs.    The implementation is more robust that the proctitle PECL module. More    details here: (Keyur)
  . Fixed bug #64370 (microtime(true) less than $_SERVER[´REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT´]).    (Anatol)
  . Added support for non-scalar Iterator keys in foreach    ( (Nikita Popov)

- mysqlnd
  . Fixed bug #63530 (mysqlnd_stmt::bind_one_parameter crashes, uses wrong alloc    for stmt->param_bind). (Andrey)

- DateTime
  . Fixed bug #53437 (Crash when using unserialized DatePeriod instance).    (Gustavo, Derick, Anatol)
  . Fixed bug #62852 (Unserialize Invalid Date causes crash). (Anatol)

- SPL:
  . Implement FR #48358 (Add SplDoublyLinkedList::add() to insert an element    at a given offset). (Mark Baker, David Soria Parra)

- Zip:
  . Bug #64452 (Zip crash intermittently). (Anatol)
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