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News del 03 Giugno 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
PHP 4.3.7
Rilasciata la nuova Stable Release del famoso linguaggio scripting.Changes in Current Version: Upgraded bundled GD library to 2.0.23. Changed user error handler mechanism to relay to built-in error handler if it returns false. Fixed command line escaping routines for win32. Fixed problems with *printf() functions and '%f' formatting. Fixed possible crash inside pg_copy_(to|from) function if delimiter is more then 1 character long. Fixed crash inside cpdf_place_inline_image() when working with true-color images. Fixed handling of return values from stored procedures in mssql_execute() with multiple result sets returned. Fixed logic bug in session_register() which allowed registering _SESSION and/or HTTP_SESSION_VARS. Fixed bug (xmlrpc_encode_request() incorrectly encodes chars in 200-210 range). Fixed bug (informix connection id is not thread safe). Fixed bug (Problem building informix as a shared extension). Fixed bug (Do not make hypot() available if not supported by libc). Fixed bug (Allow negative start angle in imagearc and imagefilledarc). Fixed bug (Problem with enclosed / in uploaded files). Fixed bug (wordwrap() wraps lines 1 character too soon). Fixed bug (Possible unterminated loop inside _php_pgsql_trim_message()). Fixed bug (glob() does not return error on Linux when it does not have permission to open the directory). Fixed bug (incorrect resolving of relative paths by glob() in windows). Fixed bug (run-tests tripped up by spaces in names). Fixed bug (number_format() does not allow empty decimal separator). Fixed bug (missing error constants in cURL extension). Fixed bug (parse_url() not handling embedded IPv6 in URLs). Fixed bug (build problem for people using FreeType 2.1.0-2.1.2). Fixed bug (Crash with drawing anti-aliased lines). Fixed bug (dba_open db3: Permission denied). Fixed bug (sqlite_query() crashing apache on malformed query). Fixed bug (timeout duration too long in feof()/pfsockopen() liveness checks). Fixed bug (Do not force mysql.trace_mode to 0 on every request). Fixed bug (greek letters in html to entity mapping not correct). Fixed bug (compile mssql extension with old versions of FreeTDS fails). Fixed bug (imagefilltoborder() stops the fill process prematurely). Fixed bug (don't use php's pemalloc in ext/pcre). Fixed bug (SSL: fatal protocol error when talking to IIS).
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