PHP 4.3.6

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News del 16 Aprile 04 Autore: SonOfTheStage
PHP 4.3.6
Rilasciata la nuova Stable Release del famoso linguaggio scripting.Changes in Current Version:
  • Updated bundled PDFLib library to version 5.0.3p1 in Windows distribution
  • Synchronized bundled GD library with GD 2.0.22
  • Fixed a crash in multi-threaded environments when a thread is shutdown by the web server
  • Fixed a bug that prevented building of the GD extension against external GD lib 1.X.
  • Fixed bug (Session lifetime setting may leak between requests)
  • Fixed bug (configure craps out on trivial syntax error)
  • Fixed bug (is_resource() returns TRUE for closed resources)
  • Fixed bug (problems returning reference to a reference parameter)
  • Fixed bug (ftp_systype returns null on some ftp servers)
  • Fixed bug (default number of children to 8 when PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN is not defined)
  • Fixed bug (strtotime(+1 xxx) returns a wrong date/time)
  • Fixed bug (domxml_xmltree crashes)
  • Fixed bug (Get return value from a stored procedure not returning any result sets)
  • Fixed bug (SCO Openserver doesn't have S_ISSOCK)
  • Fixed bug (Make sure Money types are converted and returned correctly)
  • Fixed bug (Fixed compilation bug inside php_sab_info.h)
  • Fixed bug (error_reporting() inside @ block fails to set error_reporting level)
  • Fixed bug (mktime issues on and around DST changeover)
  • Fixed bug (Test Failures when compiled on 64-bit mode)
  • Fixed bug (Bug Adding Default Charset to 'text/*' Content-Type Header)
  • Fixed bug (compile failure with cURL 7.11.1)
  • Fixed bug (Cannot serialize/unserialize non-finite numeric values)
  • Fixed bug (session.save_path default is bogus for win32)
  • Fixed bug (Crash inside mssql extension when selecting many columns of type money)
  • Fixed bug (error_handler and array index with function call)
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