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News del 27 Marzo 04 Autore: Alberto
PHP 4.3.5
Rilasciata la nuova Stable Release del famoso linguaggio scripting.Changes in Current Version:
  • Fixed INI leak between Apache virtual hosts.
  • Fixed crashes inside fgetcsv() and make the function binary safe.
  • Fixed compilation with early versions of GCC 3.0.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented feof() from working correctly with sockets.
  • Improved the matching algorithm inside the get_browser() function.
  • Fixed resolving of open_basedir on Win32 systems.
  • Fixed incorrect errors for non-existent directories when safe_mode is enabled.
  • Bundled OpenSSL dlls on Win32 upgraded to 0.9.7c
  • Updated bundled PostgreSQL library to version 7.4 in Windows distribution.
  • Bundled PCRE library upgraded to 4.5
  • Synchronized bundled GD library with GD 2.0.17
  • A number of fixes for 64bit systems.
Aside from the above mentioned fixes, this release resolves over 140 various bugs and implementational problems.
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