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News del 25 Agosto 03 Autore: Rostor
PHP 4.3.3
Rilasciata la nuova release del famoso linguaggio scripting. Ecco la lista del BugFix completa : Synchronized bundled GD library with GD 2.0.15. (Ilia) Upgraded the bundled Expat library to version 1.95.6. (Jani) Upgraded the bundled PCRE library to version 4.3. (Andrei) Improved the engine to use POSIX/socket IO where feasible. (Sascha) Improved the NSAPI SAPI module (Uwe Schindler) php4_init (magnus.conf): new parameter to set alternate path to php.ini. (php_ini="/path/to/php.ini") php4_execute (obj.conf): support for additional php.ini values. Allows different settings per virtual server. (See sapi/nsapi/nsapi-readme.txt for more information) Added support for virtual(). Added nsapi_request_headers() and nsapi_response_headers() with aliases for apache compatibility. Added "nsapi.read_timeout" php.ini option. Synced $_SERVER variables to be similar to Apache variables. Added possibility to use PHP to generate HTTP error pages (404 Not Found..) Added possibility to use PHP to generate directory listings for directories without index.html Improved the IMAP extension (Ilia) Added imap_timeout() function. (bug 24161) Added optional 'charset' parameter to imap_search() and imap_sort(). (bug 22505) Improved the InterBase extension (Daniela) Added transaction constants: IBASE_REC_VERSION, IBASE_REC_NO_VERSION, IBASE_WRITE, IBASE_WAIT and IBASE_CONCURRENCY. (bugs 8797, 23887) Made numeric/decimal datatype handling work on any platform. Added DBA handler 'inifile' to support ini files. (Marcus) Added a "DEBUG" note to 'php -v' output when --enable-debug is used. (Derick) Added long options into CLI & CGI (e.g. --version). (Marcus) Added a new parameter to preg_match*() that can be used to specify the starting offset in the subject string to match from. (Andrei) Fixed possible integer overflows in: base64_encode(). (Moriyoshi) bundled GD library. (Ilia) Fixed "mysql.connect_timeout" php.ini option to be settable with ini_set(). (Rasmus) Fixed ext/yaz to not log if "yaz.log_file" php.ini option is not set. (Adam) Fixed a bug in bundled libmysql (mysql bug 564). (Georg) Fixed ext/exif to honor "magic_quotes_runtime" php.ini option. (Marcus) Fixed FastCGI IIS document root problem. (Shane) Fixed corruption of multibyte character including 0x5c as second byte in multipart/form-data. (Rui) Fixed possible crash in imagerotate() when an invalid color index is used for background color. (Pierre-Alain Joye) Fixed a bug that under certain circumstances could invalidate safe_mode. (Ilia) Fixed certificate version and allowed setting of the serial number in openssl_csr_sign(). (Stefan Roehrich) Fixed each() to be binary safe for keys. (Zeev) Fixed bug 25093 (Various leaks due to non-freed queries). (Ilia) Fixed bug 25084 (Make refer check not dependant on register_globals). (Ilia) Fixed bug 25081 (odbc_fetch_array() may mangle numeric fields). (Ilia) Fixed bug 25044 (header("Location:") changing HTTP status). (Marcus) Fixed bug 25037 (Possible infinite loop inside SendText()). (Ilia) Fixed bug 25007 (rand() & mt_rand() seed RNG every call). (Jani) Fixed bug 24989 (external libexpat conflicts with bundled libexpat). (Jani) Fixed bug 24980 (array_reduce() uses first element as default running total). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24977 (Revert mysql_select_db optimization). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24958 (Incorrect handling of 404s). (Ilia, Justin) Fixed bug 24951 (ob_flush() needlessly destroys output handler). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24936 (ext/fdf not linked properly as shared extension). (Jani) Fixed bug 24909 (Bad random numbers with ZTS builds on Solaris). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24897 (inconsistent behavior of shuffle() & array_multisort()). (Ilia, Jani) Fixed bug 24883 (variables_order and gpc_order being ignored). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24873 (incorrect handling of / inside open_basedir). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24871 (methods misidentified as constructors). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24827 (ob_gzhandler overrides Vary header). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24792 (--enable-zend-multibyte causes random segfaults with ZTS). (fujimoto) Fixed bug 24783 (foreach($ar as $key => $val), $key not binary safe). (Zeev) Fixed bug 24760 (non-default SNMP port number not working). (Jani) Fixed bug 24752 (Unhandled "uniqueidentifier" field type). (Ilia, s.sonnenberg[at] Fixed bug 24710 (Crash when $obj->{0} is used). (Zeev) Fixed bug 24663 (n. sequences were not being escaped). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24640 (var_export() and var_dump() can not output large floats). (Marcus) Fixed bug 24629 (FreeBSD select() does not like large microseconds values). (Mirco Bauer). Fixed bug 24609 (ext/domxml: segfault when using replace node across different docs). (Rob Richards) Fixed bug 24594 (Rewrite of the imagefill() function). (Pierre-Alain Joye) Fixed bug 24592 (NULL related crash in session extension). (Sascha) Fixed bug 24573 (debug_backtrace() crashes if $this set to null). (Jani) Fixed bug 24560 (parse_url() incorrectly handling certain file:// based schemas). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24557 (make fclose() respect refcount on the resource). (Wez, Ilia) Fixed bug 24537 (apache2 compile misses some include directories). (Jani) Fixed bug 24535 (ext/mysql: crash when retrieving data from unbuffered result after the original connection has been changed). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24519 (aggregate_methods_by_list() does not increment refcount). Fixed bug 24313 (file_exists() warning on non-existent files when open_basedir is used). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24312 (base64_decode() does not skip 0xF0-0xFF characters). (gereon.steffens[at], Ilia) Fixed bug 24284 (Fixed memory leak inside pg_ping()). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24249 (fdf_add_doc_javascript() not available on Windows). (Edin) Fixed bug 24224 (ibase_blob_get() overflow). (Ard) Fixed bug 24223 (missing variable initialization in bundled gd). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24220 (range() didn't handle numeric strings correctly). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24210 (not detecting assume_default_colors - typo). (Sara) Fixed bug 24198 (Invalid recursion detection in array_merge_recurcive()). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24177 (Status not set correctly after flush() in Apache 2). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24155 (gdImageRotate270 incorrectly use x parameter for y axis). (, Ilia) Fixed bug 24150 (crash in imap_fetch_overview() & imap_rfc822_write_address()). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24142 (workaround for a gcc bug affecting round()). (Marcus, Ilia) Fixed bug 24063 (serialize() missing 0 after the . on scientific notation). (Marcus, Ilia) Fixed bug 24063 (scientific notation broken in *printf()). (Ilia) Fixed bug 24060 (ncurses_del_panel() causes segfault). (Georg) Fixed bug 24054 (Integer overflow failure with GCC/x86 for *=). (Sascha) Fixed bug 24028 (Reading raw post message by php://input failed). (Jani) Fixed bug 24009 (FastCGI handling of file not found). (Shane) Fixed bug 24007 (Problem with register_globals & arrays). (Ilia) Fixed bug 23951 (constants in static initializers clobbered by inheritance). (Wez, Zend Engine) Fixed bug 23936 (ext/interbase: fail to select and fetch). (Ard) Fixed bug 23913 (make rename() work across partitions on *nix). (Ilia) Fixed bug 23912 (Invalid CSS in phpinfo() output). (Ilia) Fixed bug 23902 (NULL in CGI header output). (Shane) Fixed bug 23898 (Proper handling of NULLs in odbc_result, odbc_fetch_into and odbc_result_all). (Ilia) Fixed bug 23897 (Fixed a check for mbfilter_ru.h). (, Ilia) Fixed bug 23894 (sprintf() decimal specifiers problem). (Moriyoshi) Fixed bug 23888 (Missing input validation for flags parameter). (Ilia) Fixed bug 23808 (broken imagecopymerge()). (Pierre-Alain Joye) Fixed bug 23798 (Spaces were not being stripped from Bcc header). (Ilia) Fixed bug 23792 (imagerotate() problems with limited pallet, the function will always return true color image from now on). (Pierre-Alain Joye) Fixed bug 23779 (mysql_connect(): disable local infile option if php.ini option "open_basedir" is set). (Georg) Fixed bug 23769 (In FreeBSD glob() gives wrong result when pattern not found). (Hartmut) Fixed bug 23733 (Coredump on startup with Oracle 9+). (Edin) Fixed bug 23685 (fake values returned when OID value is an empty string). (Jani) Fixed bug 23664 (FastCGI socket listening). (Shane) Fixed bug 23509 (exit code lost when exit() called from register_shutdown_function()). (Ilia) Fixed bug 23463 (added Dbase2 version check). (Vlad Krupin) Fixed bug 23285 (Potential Stack overflow in zendlex). (Wez) Fixed bug 23104 (hash position of static arrays not being reset). (Ilia) Fixed bug 23038, 23574 (aggregate() related leaks and crashes). (Andrei) Fixed bug 22947 (Ack() inside win32/sendmail.c may stall in certain situations). (Ilia) Fixed bug 22690 (ob_start() did not work with create_function() callbacks). (Marcus) Fixed bug 22592 (Cascading assignments to strings with curly braces broken). (Stas) Fixed bug 22245 (References inside $_SESSION not being handled). (Ilia) Fixed bug 22154 (Possible crash when memory_limit is reached and output buffering in addition to session.use_trans_sid is used). (Ilia) Fixed bug 22072 (Apache2 sapis do not detect aborted connections). (Ilia) Fixed bug 21958 (workaround for unusual realpath() on AIX & Tru64). (Ilia) Fixed bug 21957 (serialize() mangles objects with __sleep). (Ilia) Fixed bug 21918 (strange behavior of mixed type in array-keys). (Marcus) Fixed bug 21855 (Threading issue on HP-UX). (Roshan Naik, Andi, Moriyoshi) Fixed bug 21611 (version_compare() does not support "p" as suffix). (Stefan Walk) Fixed bug 21074 (Apache2: "ErrorDocument xxx /error.php" broken). (Jani) Fixed bug 20896 (-s -w modes with php-cli cause php to hang). (Ilia) Fixed bug 19613 (putenv("VAR=") does not empty VAR on win32). (Zeev) Fixed bug 18744 (blob_add() has max limit of 64k). (Ard) Fixed bug 18291 (escapeshellcmd() can now handle quoted arguments). (Ilia) Fixed bug 17414 (pthreads bug workaround). (timo.teras[at] Fixed bug 13142 (strtotime not handling "M d H:i:s Y" format). (Ilia) Fixed bug 11924 (ibase_query(), ibase_execute() mangled passed parameters). (Jani) Fixed bug 7014 (crash in _php_ibase_error() after request shutdown). (Ard) Non male
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