PHP 5.4.11

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News del 18 Gennaio 13 Autore: Gianplugged
PHP 5.4.11
Note di rilascio:

PHP 5.4.11 comes with a huge list of new features, updates and bug fixes, and is a major leap in the 5.x series.

Highlights for PHP 5.4.11:

• Errors in eval()´ed code no longer produce status code 500;
• getenv() no longer produces a memory leak with CGI SAPI;
• FILTER_VALIDATE_INT now accepts +0 and -0 values;
• json_decode now properly decode with the ´options´ parameter;
• webm, ogv, ogg formats have been added;
• A segfault due to libcurl connection caching has been repaired;


Fixed bug #63762 (Sigsegv when Exception::$trace is changed by user).
Fixed bug #43177 (Errors in eval()´ed code produce status code 500).

Fixed bug #63757 (getenv() produces memory leak with CGI SAPI).
Fixed bug #54096 (FILTER_VALIDATE_INT does not accept +0 and -0).

Fixed bug #63737 (json_decode does not properly decode with options parameter).

CLI server:
Update list of common mime types. Added webm, ogv, ogg.

cURL extension:
Fixed bug (segfault due to libcurl connection caching).
Fixed bug #63859 (Memory leak when reusing curl-handle).
Fixed bug #63795 (CURL >= 7.28.0 no longer support value 1 for CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST).
Fixed bug #63352 (Can´t enable hostname validation when using curl stream wrappers).
Fixed bug #55438 (Curlwapper is not sending http header randomly).
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