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Software molto interessante e utile, infatti con questo programma è possibile creare un CD avviabile in cui è possibile includere numerosi strumenti, oltre a quelli già disponibili di serie, per eseguire manutenzioni e riparazionu su Windows malfunzionanti. Una fattore che lo rende appetibile, è dato dal fatto che con questo CD avviabile si accede direttamente al sistema operativo bypassando le password di login ed è possibile lavore ad interfaccia grafica e non a riga di comando, per cui grazie a tutti i plugin che si sceglie durante il wizard per la creazione dell'iso, è possibile operare in Windows senza il minimo sforzo.What is PE Builder? Bart's PE Builder helps you build a bootable Window CD-Rom or DVD from Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 very suitable for PC maintenance tasks. It will give you a complete Win32 environment with network support, a graphical user interface (800x600) and FAT/NTFS/CDFS filesystem support. Very handy for burn-in testing systems with no OS, rescuing files to a network share, virus scan and so on. This will replace any Dos bootdisk (even masterpieces like modboot and Bart's Network Bootdisk) in no time! PE Builder is not a Microsoft product and does not create Microsoft Windows Pre-installation Environment ("WinPE"). Using PE Builder does not grant you a license to Microsoft WinPE or to use the Windows XP or Server 2003 binaries in a manner other than stated in the End-User License Agreement include in your version of Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. Microsoft has not reviewed or tested PE Builder and does not endorse its use. # PE Builder changes: v3.0.22 Changes to other files: - nu2menu.xml: replaced "cmd.exe /c start @GetWinDir()system32[CPL_Name]" into "rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL @GetWinDir()[CPL_Name]" - Added ghost8 plugin. - Added aspi plugin. - Updated penetcfg to v2.0. Added 2 profiles, one for dhcp one for static IP. v3.0.21 - Bugfix: There was a directory ID overlap in the "sourcedisksfolders" function. This caused files to get copied into the wrong directory. - Rewrote some internal functions for handling directory IDs. v3.0.20 Changes to pebuilder.exe: - BugFix: The registry data field "%RamDrv%@ProfilesDir@" resulted in "%RamDrv%Documents and". The number of bytes to write was set to the old (unparsed) string. This has been fixed. v3.0.19 Changes to pebuilder.exe: - Updated the peParse() function. Supported variables are now: @ProfilesDir@, @IsoFile@, @OutDir@, @SourcePath@, @Verbose@, @Build@, @Version@, @Program@, @PluginDir@ Note: variables are case sensitive! Added this parser function to Section/variable: WinntDirectories/dirname (existed there already) BuildISO/exec SourceDisksFiles/filename, filenameRenamed SourceDisksFolders/sourcepath Software.AddReg, SetupReg.AddReg, Default.AddReg/regKey, regValue, regData (only when data is a string) - Added a new value to the "attribute" field (SourceDisksFiles section). Add a value of "2" if you do not want files to decompress. You can see this in the log file, "DecompressOrCopy file.." or "Copy file.." - The "add files/folders from (custom) directory" now uses the normal filecopy function (no decompress). This makes an exact copy! - Changed pebuilder.inf: Added a section "BuildISO" and value "exec" to hold the mkisofs commandline. - The builder now cleans up the temporarily files used for registry building. - The builder (and plugin check) now handles absolute filenames correctly. Example: [SourceDisksFiles] C:ProgrammeAntiVirenKit professional*.*=a,,1 or [SourceDisksFiles] \corp-serverdataNetwork AssociatesMcafeeSuperdatsdat*.exe=a,,1 - Added sourcedisksfolders section. This section allows you to copy a folder including all files and subdirectories. Example: [SourceDisksFolders] ; when openoffice folder is in plugin directory openoffice=a or [SourceDisksFolders] ; when openoffice folder is at c: c:openoffice=a - Changed some other builder functions to support some of the new changes. - When the appendFile() function failed ("append" section) It would not say what file it did not find. This has been fixed. - The root directory (id 30000) is now created in pebuilder.exe and the line is remove from pebuilder.inf - The xpsp1res.dll (Windows XP) is now copied in the correct (default) language. So the about box in notepad is now in the correct language. Changes to other files: - Changed mkisofs.exe, removed some of the output warnings. - Updated pebuilder.inf: Added Virtual Disk Service. Now diskpart.exe should also work in server 2003. - Updated pebuilder.inf: Added a pebuilder key and version value, ControlSet001ControlPE BuilderVersion - Updated pebuilder.inf: Fix for "failed to create an empty document" when starting wordpad now adding "msftedit.dll". - Updated pebuilder.inf: Added bin to path environment. - Updated custom.inf: Disabled the timezone. - Updated 2xExplorer.inf: 2xexplorer would not start on windows XP sometimes, I added a registry settings for "User Shell Folders", hopes this fixes this. Hmm, didn't work... Must be missing something else. Anyone? - Updated dospe.inf: now version 1.0.5 - Updated nic_el2k_xp plugin. - Added nic_e1000325 plugin. Intel PRO/1000 Adapter driver - Added nic_e100b325 plugin. Intel PRO/100 Adapter driver Articolo
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 1.85 Mb

OS: Windows 2K/XP/2003

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