PC Cleaner 2.2

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News del 09 Aprile 02 Autore: Cānaro
Ecco un altro software pewr rimuovere i files inutili e superflui dal proprio PC.
Raccomando sempre molta cautela nell'uso.


1. Cleaning temporary files and folders.

2. Removing those DLLs in Windows System folder that appear to be left by an uninstall program.

3. Finding if there exists more than one copy of a certain DLL in the system and letting you use the newest version of them if this happens.

By performing these cleaning jobs (called finders) it is possible to get a more clean system. PC Cleaner does not delete completely anything; the temporary folders and files are sent to recycle bin and the DLLs that this program removes are backed up first, so that there's allways a way back for all operations. Before deleting these backups or flushing the recycle bin, you should make sure that your system is working smoothly.

Dimensione: 735Kb
Data: 03/04/2002
Licenza: Freeware
Compatibilitā: Win 9x/me/xp/2k/nt

PC Cleaner 2.2 - immagine 2eveloper's web site

PC Cleaner 2.2 - immagine 2ownload Destro mouse --> salva con nome
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