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News del 08 Dicembre 01 Autore: BiOS
Rilasciata la seconda Tecnology Preview di Opera 6.0 per sistemi operativi Linux. Ecco la lista dei cambiamenti e delle modifiche apportate rispetto alla precedente versione:

User interface:
  • No startup dialog box (since some users did not like it)
  • New layout on the address bar
  • Ctrl+Alt+Scrollwheel is mapped to PageUp/PageDown
  • Some cosmetic fixes on the address bar when loading a file
  • Shift-Ctrl-Tab should now open the window selector popup window
  • DnD drop is now rejected if a folder is dropped on itself in the hotlist

Install, packages
  • Install.sh now supports interactive mode as default. It will test your write access level and suggest proper prefixes
  • Debian dependenies should work for all Linux 2.2 debians (Potato R1-R4, Woody, Sid)

Opera per Linux versione 6.0 TP2 - immagine 2ocument, layout
  • File transfer works properly
  • Save With Images As fixed (hang)
  • Problem with large images not shown (cache management) fixed
  • Better generic font family detection. Fixes crash on some systems (especially AA fonts), and might look better too
  • Fix for overlapping lines when selecting text. This was a problem especially when using truetype fonts
  • Fixed iframe positioning when going back/forward in history to a page containing iframes
  • Fixed network communication problem that prevented some sites from loading, especially sites using certificates and FTP sites
  • Major speedup in network communication

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