Opera Next 24.0.1558.34

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News del 14 Agosto 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Next 24.0.1558.34
Note di rilascio:

It can be considered a productive day at Opera as we have 2 updated versions for today! Opera Next is moved to version 24.0.1558.34. It includes new version of Chromium (37.0.2062.68) and some fixes related to tab preview. More details can be found as always in the changelog.


* DNA-15938 Bookmarklet installation warning text is clipped
* DNA-23005 Get only 1 frame in the zoom-in/activation animation on Retina
DNA-23057 Translate strings for Opera 24
* DNA-23060 Opening new tab animation looks broken
* DNA-23535 Left edge of tab preview is not displayed properly
* DNA-23736 [Mac] Tab preview view in Mission Control
* DNA-23828 Opera crashes in CheckDefaultBrowserCallback
* DNA-23871 [Win] Crash when trying to drop a tab on a recently closed window’s space
* DNA-24032 Throwing null/undefined in extensions event handler causes extensions::console::Fatal
* DNA-24039 [Win] Autocomplete options are too small in HiDPI
* DNA-24082 Speed Dial and other Opera pages not displayed properly in Tab Preview after resizing window
DNA-24323 [nb] untranslated extension string ‘Read and modify your data on opera.com’
* DNA-24378 [Mac] 10.6 Opera crashes with full screen shortcut
* DNA-24389 [Mac] TabPeek – broken preview after resizing the window
* DNA-24576 [Mac] Cmd+Shift+ switch tabs even when focus is in text fields.
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