Opera Next 23.0.1522.24

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News del 28 Giugno 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Next 23.0.1522.24
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Good day!

I hope you were as excited as us from yesterday’s announcement.
After yesterday’s Opera for Linux release, here’s a quick update to the Opera Next stream for Windows and Mac. Opera 23 is getting closer and closer to going stable and here is our latest build with stability fixes.


Translated strings for Opera 23
Opera crashes on disabling extensions
Fixed an issue with Speed Dial extensions not displaying content on opera://startpage


CHR-2610 Update chromium on stable-36-1522 to 1985.49
DNA-19860 Crash in closing authentication dialog after refresh
DNA-20540 Renderer crash in >extensions::Dispatcher::IdleNotification
DNA-20658 Speed Dial extensions not displaying content on opera://startpage
DNA-20724 ExtensionApiTest.ChromeRuntimeReload timeouts
DNA-20805 No credit card data info in autofill save manager sliding toolbar.
DNA-20849 DCHECK fail during passwords import from chrome
DNA-20885 Heart menu callout isn’t keyboard accessible
DNA-20918 Translate strings for Opera 23
DNA-20956 Lazy loading checkbox is unchecked if turbo enabled
DNA-20973 Opera WebUI pages broken on startup
DNA-20980 [Mac] Disable ‘Edit search engine’ in chrome.identity window
DNA-21152 Opera crashes in >extensions::ChromeExtensionsBrowserClient::GetOriginalContext
DNA-21308 [Win] Artifact at the bottom of the viewport on maximized Opera window
DNA-21400 Opera crashes on disabling extensions
DNA-21456 Upgrade page should be disabled.
DNA-21476 [Win] Missing light grey separator when input is provided in the address bar
DNA-21512 Small fixes for extension imported tests
DNA-21578 [Windows] No tooltip on single heart icon
DNA-21596 [Win] It’s impossible to use keyboard to navigate suggestion box after adding item to bookmarks by using Heart Menu
DNA-21666 Cannot set an image as a theme
DNA-21703 Boxes with opacity < 1 excluded from plugin occlusions list
DNA-21758 [Win] Broken security badge for EV sites
DNA-21809 Improper NPAPI plugin cutout rects calculation for divs with overflow:scroll
DNA-21810 Make the package signing script handle URLs with spaces and switch to sftp for uploads
DNA-21853 [MAC] Crash on NOTREACHED because of wrong define
DNA-21893 Recently closed window opens but doesn’t load while “Delay loading of background tabs” is ON
DNA-21922 [WIN] Sometimes, after uninstalling Opera, survey is hidden by new tab
DNA-21934 Use lower compression level for Mac tests
DNA-22146 Rearrange Japan speed dials
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