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News del 09 Gennaio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Next 19.0.1326.26
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Welcome to 2014, everyone. We hope that you rested well during the holidays, and you are ready for our new Opera Next release!

First, let me introduce myself. :) I am Jakub. Working as a QA Engineer in the engine team in desktop. I joined the Warsaw office in Poland last November.

We are rapidly nearing release, but there are still some time left of improvements. Pressing Control+F while on the Speed Dial page should now properly focus the Speed Dial search field. See the change log for the full list.


Speed Dial search field focus fixed
Stability and other improvements


DNA-13515 Wrong mouse pointer is shown when dragging tab
DNA-12750 Not all of the items become grayed out in deleting browsing data
DNA-14142 [mac] Opera crashes on inserting iframe with app url scheme as url into background page of extension.
CHR-1768 Handled copied files
DNA-14402 Crash in >ObserverListBase::RemoveObserver
DNA-13462 Do not move cursor when page URL has changed but addressfield is focused.
DNA-14024 Crash in base::DefaultDeleter
DNA-13891 Pinned tab transformed to QAB link is very narrow
DNA-13547 Font is gray after changing tab and going back to tab
DNA-9219 Speed Dial Ctrl+F focuses wrong search field when folder is opened
DNA-13283 Don’t fail on migrating empty Presto passwords
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