Opera Next 17.0.1241.36 Beta

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News del 08 Ottobre 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Next 17.0.1241.36 Beta
Note di rilascio:

Hi all, as nights getting longer, so Opera Next 17.0 getting even more stable.

Chromium update to 1599.65
onbeforeunload event fixes


Chromium update to 1599.65
DNA-10014   Translate strings for Opera 17
DNA-10686   Crash on content::x79251c2f:: ::MakeNavigateParams
DNA-10718   beforeunload handler does not run when browser is closed with keyboard shortcuts
DNA-10723   Speed Dial extensions removed after crash recovery disables extensions
DNA-10802   Opera does not remember last opened tabs when a new private window is opened
DNA-10717   Browser shut down takes considerable time with only a number of speed dial pages
DNA-10829   onbeforeunload event does not fire when closing tab or window.
DNA-11197   beforeunload dialog does not fully block interaction causing hangup, needing to kill the process
DNA-11584   Missing gtests in test list on Windows
DNA-11661   Removing an extension favorite that has no extension triggers a CHECK.
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