Opera Next 16.0.1196.41 Beta

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News del 14 Agosto 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Next 16.0.1196.41 Beta
Note di rilascio:
We’ve been dogfooding our stabilization work together with our users and are pretty pleased with how this new process is working out. This is our latest effort to stabilize Opera 16 for release.
HighlightsChromium updated to 1547.49javascript URI removed when pasted in the address field (fraud protection)


CHR-1145 Update chromium to 1547.49.
DNA-9469 Geolocation badge indicator is displayed in addressbar after the user dismisses the dialog with the ESC key
DNA-8558 Dot separating badge icons is missing on Windows
DNA-9528 Fix Crash in FillPasswordForm
DNA-9411 After performing Paste and Go, Opera remains focused on address bar
DNA-8085 Make paste and go work even without focus in address bar
DNA-7912 Prevent javascript copy/paste fraud
DNA-8995 Can´t search for strings starting with javascript
DNA-9351 Crash occurs when trying to copy more then one line of code with javascript in address bar
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OS: Windows, OS X

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