Opera Next 16.0.1196.35 Beta

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News del 08 Agosto 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Next 16.0.1196.35 Beta
Note di rilascio:

Hi! Hopefully a few of you remember me. I was once a regular poster on the Desktop team blog and then disappeared for a bit. Well after several months paternity leave I am back and raring to go!

Whilst I was away a number of changes happened here in the office, not least the rewrite of our desktop browser. Opera 15 is a fantastic browser but it still just the very beginning of things to come.

As with small children, sometimes changes will be minor and other times there are big jumps in development. Today the changes are small but they are still baby steps towards further greatness. I hope you, like me, enjoy the journey of watching the new Opera grow and become ever better with each passing day. Thanks for the testing!

Converting with IME doesn´t call proper suggestions on Windows
Crash fixes


DNA-7865 When Opera detects and offers to save credit card credentials, it shouldn´t also save typed data to autofill at any case
DNA-8312 Make the spell checker even more robust and multi-process capable
DNA-8318 Handle possible dictionary´s archive corruption
DNA-8523 Converting with IME doesn´t call proper suggestions
DNA-8535 All the search favicons become Amazon
DNA-8871 Closing multiple tabs behavior
DNA-8965 Opera next Extension permissions tooltip broken
DNA-8994 Re-entering protocols file, javascript, and view-source does not work
DNA-9020 Check for new versions of updateable components on browser start
DNA-9118 Opera window is freezed after closing Opera browser in maximized state and opening Opera again
DNA-9270 Crash when closing while in fullscreen mode
DNA-9417 Arrow is misplaced on downloads popup
DNA-9439 Crash when opening new tab after tab with certificate/auth dialog has been closed
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