Opera Next 16.0.1196.29 Beta

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News del 03 Agosto 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Next 16.0.1196.29 Beta
Note di rilascio:

A weekend without testing new Opera Next build is just no fun at all, so we are giving you another build to play with. This time it contains mostly bug fixes around tab bar area and couple of crashers, neatly eradicated by our developers. Check out the change log below for more details. Have a nice weekend, stay tuned for future updates.


Disappearing text in Google search is no more!
Number of fixes for tab bar
... and more


DNA-4468 CJK strings size is larger than others at address field
DNA-7056 [Mac] Crash when pasting url to address field while tab with certificate dialog is open
DNA-7739 Esc on HTTP auth does not display 401 response body and hangs tab
DNA-8163 Crash when closing browser with notification dialog on
DNA-8294 Impossible to change site address when Find on Page is opened
DNA-8696 Crash in closing Opera with notification dialog on (other one)
DNA-8699 OS X 10.6 should not have Enter Full Screen in Main Menu
DNA-8707 Internal pages duplicates on Mac
DNA-9022 Inline find hides when you switch tabs
DNA-9144 [Mac] Crash when opening link from other application while all tabs are closed
DNA-9147 [Mac] Cannot open file while all tabs are closed
DNA-9197 "Close Tab" and "Close all but active" should be greyed out when window is not opened
DNA-9198 "Close other tabs" should be inactive with only 1 tab
DNA-9252 ´Find", "Find Next" and "Find Previous" should be greyed out when no window is opened
DNA-9255 Find Next via Enter doesn´t work after switching tabs
DNA-9269 Fix shared memory comunication for browser.js in op_site_patcher
DNA-9286 Crash pressing the geolocation reset button
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