Opera Next 16.0.1196.22 Beta

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News del 25 Luglio 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Next 16.0.1196.22 Beta
Note di rilascio:

It was a sunny weekend here in Oslo, so we decided to push an update to our Opera Next branch. Oh well, actually itīs almost a half of the week, but the weather was nice, anyway


Upgrade Chromium to 29.0.1547.23
Various tab bar fixes, for those who have very many or very few tabs

Known issues:

DNA-8133 - On Windows XP opera_autoupdate.exe throws an error with credui.dll library.
DNA-8270 - Most of HTTP sites donīt load with off-road mode enabled.


DNA-3189 Crash in developer mode when reloading ext after removing browser_action from manifes
DNA-5580 unconditional reload does not work (ctrl + f5)
DNA-5843 keyboard shortcuts do not work when UI popups and badges are open
DNA-6413 Incomplete error page for proxy errors (suggestion missing)
DNA-6513 Google icon [reliably] never show in the address field
DNA-7296 Error pages displayed inside iframes cut off at the top
DNA-7662 Selecting tab with Mouse unintentionally moves the order of tabs
DNA-7836 Downloads callout not displayed for download triggered from a popup window
DNA-8367 Tab size is changed when closing the last Tab or opening 2nd Tab
DNA-8443 ManifestTest.RestrictedKeys from browser_extensions_unittests fails on Mac in O16
DNA-8507 regression in autocomplete
DNA-8509 Developer mode: refreshed extension which has browser_action removed still shows icon in toolbar
DNA-8710 [Mac] chrome.windows.update: canīt update window state from minimized to maximized
DNA-8770 Title for EULA Geolocation is incorrect
DNA-8789 "Close tabs to the right" in tab context menu is always active
DNA-8799 Canīt access passwords saved in the same session
DNA-8810 Enable fix "Avoid hard coding a restriction on the number of toolbar extensions" on stable-29
DNA-8836 Inspect Element Link Crash
DNA-8868 extension-state: disabled visible for enabled extensions in opera://extensions
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OS: Windows, OS X

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