Opera Next 16.0.1196.14 Beta

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News del 20 Luglio 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Next 16.0.1196.14 Beta
Note di rilascio:

Yesterday we pushed a candidate for Opera Next 16. I’m not surprised that many of you have figured it out already yesterday

Features that we’ve added for this build are

support for W3C Geolocation API,
form auto-filler,
support for jump-lists on Windows 7/8,
presentation mode is now available also on Mac,
opera:flags – you can play with experimental features there. Please remember that this game might be dangerous (and bite),
Opera 16 is based on Chromium 29.

From your previous feedback, there´s a new setting in Browser > Start Page called "Preload Discover contents". If this is unchecked, no Discover content will be preloaded. Opera 16 won´t preload Discover content in off-road mode. You can read the full changelog.

Please feel free to test and leave us comments – if you are not on the Next stream yet, go ahead and download it from attached links.

Opera and Opera Next run as separate installs so you can still use Opera 15 while running Opera Next 16 side by side to try out the new things. Opera Next 16 will also automatically update itself so you´ll always have the latest build.

Usually, the first few comments are about the roadmap, so here are the features we’re currently working on: bookmarks, synchronization (Opera Link), enhancements in tabs handling (ie pinning and visual tabs) and themes. Our new rapid release cycle means that you should see the first cut of some of these in a few weeks’ time.

Known issues:

DNA-8133 - On Windows XP opera_autoupdate.exe throws an error with credui.dll library.
DNA-8270 - Most of HTTP sites don´t load with off-road mode enabled.
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