Opera Next 15 Build 1147.100 Beta

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News del 25 Giugno 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Next 15 Build 1147.100 Beta
Note di rilascio:

It was quite rainy this weekend, so we have prepared an update to Opera Next for you.


Ctrl+Insert, Shift+Insert hotkeys work in address bar
Ctrl+Shift+V does "paste and go"
Maximized window state saved on Windows, too
Chromium updated to 1500.52


DNA-7466 getViews({type: "tab"}) not working
DNA-7442 Check MIME type of extension updates.
DNA-7417 Change the installer icon to the new next icon.
DNA-7392 Aligning the stream icons on the about page and in the installer
DNA-7190 Update Windows icons for Opera 15
DNA-7449 win8: Fixed problem with setting default browser
DNA-7451 Update translations for Opera 15
DNA-7421 "Edition" in custom user agent string appears exactly once
DNA-7254 Invalid certificate dialogīs layout is broken in Bulgarian
DNA-7022 Do not send extension loaded notification when update is blocked.
DNA-6403 donīt allow to modify settings once installation is started
DNA-7217 Escape search terms correctly.
DNA-6819 Hide address bar buttons for opera start page.
DNA-1829 Wording fixes for a few translations
DNA-5949 Fixed problem with set default browser from settings.
DNA-6147 Crash when clicking Opera menu
DNA-6993 full screen info bubble size calculation fix
DNA-7258 [Mac] launching Opera second time causes loosing focus from window
DNA-7284 USB install doesnīt migrate from default location
DNA-7295 [Mac] opera_autoupdate client does not respect automatic proxy conf
DNA-6483 [Mac] opera_autoupdate client does not respect system proxy settings
DNA-4421 Remove search suggestion favicon update code that doesnīt do anything.
DNA-7238 Fix for crashing extension javascript dialogs.
DNA-7294 popup display crash fix
DNA-5972 Ctrl + Insert, Shift+Insert hotkeys donīt work
Update to Chromium 1500.52
DNA-7263 download notification crash fix
DNA-6801 Installer - changing language shows old string in the background
DNA-4727 Predefined SD thumbnails are incosistently used
DNA-4865 Ctrl+Shift+V does not go or execute search
DNA-7115 Recheck with error frequency if any of components fails.
DNA-6775 Proceed with component installation without unnecessary delays.
DNA-7009 donīt process invalid accelerators
DNA-7157 History suggestions are not displayed correctly in address dropdown
DNA-6753 BrowserWidget crash fix
DNA-7174 Make searching from the context menu more robust
DNA-6872 Maximized state ignored when restoring from session
DNA-7207 Addressbar protocol should be preseved upon edition
DNA-7219 Category name is too big in the top bar of the Start page
DNA-6737 Accumulate gesture delta while recognizing
DNA-6740 Badge for https sites shows default search icon.
DNA-7000 Fix build on 10.6 SDK
DNA-7025 Donīt break whole AU process because failure in stats part.
DNA-6989 Only show the "Opera upgraded" page for major and minor version upgrades
DNA-6689 Changed import dialog string and added translations
DNA-6533 Updated the Opera 12 profile import dialog strings.
DNA-6728 remove restart button by hacking (erm, changing) translations
DNA-5971 Discover - Make sure the rows start from the article that defined their height.
DNA-7090 Address field focus works incorrectly when dragging link from other apps
DNA-7002 some strings in installer doesnīt response to changing languages
DNA-5317 At Facebook, username/password is not automatically remembered
DNA-5868 Canīt select text in Discover
DNA-2980 Pass information about request being transferred between renderers.
DNA-7200 Wrong autocompletion on new tab on Opera startup
DNA-6557 Add a pref for dictionaries settings to use instead of kAcceptLanguages.
DNA-6127 Inconsistency / wrong states of cursors, buttons or thumbnails. Related to Speed Dial / Stash / Discover
DNA-7064 Put leftover pixels from the tab bar into the active tab width
DNA-7082 Certificate error messages are one line lower than they should be.
DNA-5394 [Mac] Autoupdate is not performed when Opera is renamed
DNA-7190 Update stream icons for Opera 15
DNA-6785 opera_strings update for ru
DNA-6785 opera_strings update for nl and pt-PT
DNA-6785 opera_common_strings update for nl and ru
DNA-6758 Enable new translations for Opera specific languages
DNA-6720 Adopt first round of translations to Opera 15 Final
DNA-6720 Adopt first round of translations to Opera 15 Final
DNA-4954 Build instructions for Windows
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