Opera Next 15 Build 11147.72 Beta

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News del 19 Giugno 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Next 15 Build 11147.72 Beta
Note di rilascio:

We have a new update for you guys. Our developers have been working really hard on fixing bugs and we do have a few highlights for you in this build, such as:


POST method in search engines
Window size and position is preserved upon restarts so far, on Mac only
Importing is much faster now


DNA-2866    Add POST method to search engines
DNA-2870    The badge separator needs to extend 1px upwards on Mac
DNA-2896    Text shadow below the background tab label is too strong on Mac
DNA-2915    Window frame is lacking top highlight on Mac
DNA-3489    Refine the Downloads popup on Windows
DNA-4192    Parts of button in certificate /auth dialog is transparent making mouse clicks work only with pixel precise clicks
DNA-4846    All Menu got black background after changing Windows Classic Theme
DNA-5074    Long file name is not supported in popup download manager / open folder icon
DNA-5308    [Mac] No shortcuts to open typed address field contents in new tab
DNA-5615    Use cursor pointer on stash items
DNA-5670    Favicons for search providers aren´t fetched when missing
DNA-5738    Badge should drag page´s link
DNA-5753    Favicon doesn´t change into tab close button
DNA-5841    Automatically closing drop down in Manage exceptions in Settings
DNA-5852    Hovered tab has a 1px transparent right border on Windows
DNA-6142    In fullscreen, closing inline find toolbar with Mouse closes Opera
DNA-6333    Pages loaded in the background have viewport size set to 0,0
DNA-6466    [Windows] Restarting downloads is not working in native manager and has wrong icon
DNA-6495    Move the preferences and options of the cogwheel pop up a layer up to the main extension manger view
DNA-6511    Keyboard scrolling doesn´t work on speed dial
DNA-6618    crash when Opera doesn´t have access to the profile dir
DNA-6624    Speed Dial search done only through titles
DNA-6627    Link back to the start page is missing
DNA-6634    Minimized stash value not stored on browser restart
DNA-6650    Reloading extension when its icon is being fetched causes a crash
DNA-6695    Padding for native buttons not consitent in WebUIs
DNA-6696    Download file name can overflow in the WebUI
DNA-6706    Increase Obutton responsivness
DNA-6710    One pointless "arrow-down" move required when searching Google through speed dial
DNA-6713    Few styling problems in settings
DNA-6725    Optimize Discover API usage (Desktop)
DNA-6730    Correct window activation when singleton tab is visited on private window
DNA-6748    [Mac] Dragged tab positioned underneath some other tabs
DNA-6760    [mac] Leaks in opera_updateinstaller when installs update
DNA-6776    XP: Opera window frame colour doesn´t change when the focus is on/off
DNA-6779    Discover - Base paging on number of articles returned instead of processed
DNA-6783    SD-extensions are not removed from startpage when disabled after crash recovery
DNA-6792    Back feature in discover doesn´t work in regard of scroll position and preserving articles
DNA-6796    Failed DCHECK in Favorites-related unit tests
DNA-6800    Crash on importing my 12 profile
DNA-6812    Invisible "certificate" link in badge
DNA-6823    Unpacked extensions are reloaded when reloading the start page
DNA-6832    Empty folder on startpage
DNA-6846    Last window size and position ignored when restoring session
DNA-6859    Add Opera executable to modules section in crash logs
DNA-6878    Pulling SD from folder sometimes doesn´t remove it from folder
DNA-6895    Redraw issues with tab dividers on Mac
DNA-6898    Too much space between title and description in Badge Popup for Turbo, Opera, Fraud and Malware
DNA-6901    BookmarkModel is too slow, migration takes ages when user has many bookmarks
DNA-6985    Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+"0" doesn´t work with "0" from numeric block.
DNA-6986    Enabled extensions options showing disabled extensions
DNA-7006    Description is missing for imported extensions.
DNA-7032    Pressing the "del" key on the speed dial screen deletes random speed dial entry
DNA-7054    SpeedDial extension moves to end of speedial after automatically upgrading.
DNA-7060    Global history migration is slow
DNA-7078    Favicons not cleared when removing browsing history
DNA-7087    Spellcheck not working on Mac
DNA-7099    History icon is wrong
DNA-7188    Profile migration triggers crash
DNA-7190    Update stream icons for Opera 15
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