Opera Developer 25.0.1614.5

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News del 12 Settembre 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 25.0.1614.5
Note di rilascio:

Today we released an update to Opera developer 25. It contains a set of fixes, but the most important one is an update to Chromium 38.0.2125.8. You will find more details in the changelog.

Discover games!

Just in time for the autumn avalanche of new game releases, Opera’s Discover feature has added a Gaming category. With so many new games coming out at once, there is a fairly good chance you’ll discover a gem you might otherwise have overlooked. The new category is not yet available in all regions, but you can test it out in the U.S., Global, and 18 other regions.

You can select just the categories you want from the Discover feature by clicking the gear button, then Categories and hiding the ones that are not relevant to you.



CHR-2162 Add exports needed for Linux
CHR-3024 Update chromium on master to 38.0.2125.8
CHR-3109 Update chromium on desktop-stable-38-1614 to 38.0.2125.44
* DNA-21928 Close, minimise and maximise buttons overlap the first tab after restarting Opera with two windows on Full screen
DNA-24390 Partner speed dials are lost when installing custom build on top of regular one
DNA-24805 Clean up SearchEngines WP3 – Re-enable dead code to get in line with chromium implementation (part 1).
DNA-24931 Tests for common/chrome_imports/chrome/browser/invalidation
* DNA-25352 No Discover controls when reloading (old start page)
* DNA-25398 Geolocation settings lost after adding page to Speed Dial through heart menu
DNA-25630 Expose an API to import bookmarks on share.opera.com
* DNA-25631 Suspiciously long PersonalDataManagerTest unittests run time
* DNA-25801 [Win8] Initializational toast gets shown on fast machines
* DNA-25813 [Win8] Memory leaks after recent Windows 8 update to Toasts
DNA-25821 Tab preview is shown when tab dragging is interrupted.
DNA-25823 Fix the repacking script to work with Opera CHina’s code signing cert
* DNA-25838 Use https for the created share link
DNA-25860 Remove the rest of the scroll code in the download dialog.
* DNA-25864 Avoid code duplication. Use faviconprovider class in tab bar.
DNA-25865 invalidation_helper.cc doesn’t build due to missing types.pb.h
DNA-25867 Fix the signing script to handle the latest buildbot changes.
* DNA-25873 Copy Button does not work
DNA-25881 Fix a generate_localizer warning
* DNA-25894 Address bar doesn’t allow you to search or show search suggestions
* DNA-25898 Render crash in loading a page
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