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News del 07 Settembre 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 25.0.1613.1
Note di rilascio:

CHR-1758 [MemUsage][BinarySize] Remove unused glyph name tables to reduce binary size (~60 KB)
CHR-2543 Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support
CHR-2963 [Win] Windowed flash plugin does not resize properly after loosing fullscreen mode.
CHR-2978 [Win] Closing windowed fullscreen flash from taskbar does not restore it’s content to origin rect.
DNA-20924 Make the network installer verify that the package it downloaded is not of an earlier version than itself
* DNA-21537 “Parent does not report element as one of its children” error while checking search engines icons with Accessibility Inspector
* DNA-21851 [Mac 10.10] Full screen button empty space
* DNA-22117 [Mac] ExtensionBrowserTest.PluginLoadUnload timeouts
* DNA-22372 [ru], [zh-CN], [zh-TW], [ko], [th], [bn] Insecure Content String doesn’t fit the badge for certain languages
* DNA-22373 [ru] Insecure Content String doesn’t fit the callout for certain languages
DNA-22388 [Windows] Tab menu – Refactor TabStripView and TabView
DNA-22567 [Tools] Sugar bowl – Testsuite
* DNA-22827 Missing value for AXTitle, AXDescription or AXTitleUIElement – Task manager table
DNA-24324 No network installer application in alltests package
* DNA-24494 Executing ‘Clear browser…’ options from detached developer window crashes Opera
* DNA-24654 [Linux] minimized windows show blank preview content in Unity
* DNA-24684 [Win] Black bar across Opera during startup
* DNA-24708 [Linux] Save As dialog does not get keyboard focus
* DNA-24710 [Linux] Audio controls from context menu don’t work
* DNA-24740 No update response for update requests sent to https://clients2.google.com/service/update2/crx
* DNA-24800 [Win] Video orientation metadata ignored in WIN8
* DNA-24824 Discover is not always loaded for the new start page
DNA-24900 Tab with start page should be reused when opening internal pages
* DNA-24902 Bookmark popup in fullscreen mode is unhinged
* DNA-25158 [NPAPI] After opening video in new tab it’s impossible to pause video on YT
* DNA-25187 creation of CanPlayType tests for rapid regression findings
DNA-25188 Extend the speed dial API
* DNA-25206 Autofill fails to fill in associated password if multiple logins are saved for the page
* DNA-25229 [Mac] Unclickable download icon when downloaded file is not found
* DNA-25248 [Installer] Terms of service missing
* DNA-25286 [Win][Linux] Switching tabs focuses the addressfield
* DNA-25292 [Mac] cmd + left mouse click opens discover pages in foreground
DNA-25311 Add Extend and Delete Buttons
DNA-25359 [Win] Network installer with custom server specified with parameter
DNA-25362 Change way of overriding user agent
DNA-25435 Alt can’t close OMenu in case download bubble is open.
* DNA-25444 Bookmark which is added to the folder with use of heart menu is not visible until refresh of folder content
* DNA-25461 [Win] Crashes notification appears at initial start
* DNA-25471 Clearing search resets the folder view to the default tile view
* DNA-25481 Icon on the left side of address bar moves a bit vertically
* DNA-25491 Certain length of bookmark name is causing problems with margin of bookmark tile
* DNA-25504 [Mac] OS X 10.10 Unable to exit full screen mode after maximized with shortcut or context menu
* DNA-25512 CanvasRenderingContext2D.drawImage(icoFile,… ) crashes the renderer
* DNA-25522 Cannot use arrows to move between buttons in modal dialogs
* DNA-25523 NotificationsTest.TestNotificationReplacementReappearance timeout
* DNA-25525 Make sure no site icon requests are lost when the extension is starting up
* DNA-25528 Speed dial selecting icon algorithm should care about msapplication-tile tags
* DNA-25536 Non-persistent extensions not re-added to context-menus after restart
DNA-25546 Use GetPreferredSize instead of static variables for TabView size.
DNA-25547 Only activate buttons on select
DNA-25550 Cleanup TabPeekController and the views it manages
DNA-25551 Update title of Jalan.net speed dial entry in Japan
DNA-25552 use requestId instead url as UID to track the icon requests
DNA-25553 Implement latest design
* DNA-25557 Enable desktop notifications on all streams by default
* DNA-25558 Add to Speed Dial button does not retain state
* DNA-25562 Dragged tab is always resized, not only over tab strip.
* DNA-25564 Change temporary stream in new NI back to developer
DNA-25565 Avoid Tab Preview window redisplay during fullscreen transition
* DNA-25566 [Windows] Incomplete redraw of round download progress in HiDPI
DNA-25567 Specify sysroot for Rez in dmg packaging
* DNA-25575 Timeout in BrowserActionInteractiveTest browser test on Win
DNA-25576 Add Infographic
* DNA-25578 [Mac] Bookmark popup in presentation mode is unhinged
DNA-25581 Sanitize and cleanup translate dependencies
DNA-25592 [Win] Duplicated file for system buttons metrics.
* DNA-25594 [Win] Tab preview should be deactivated when typing in address field
* DNA-25596 ‘Inspect element’ is not enabled unless ‘Developer tools’ is also enabled
DNA-25599 At the time a tab is attached to a window, it briefly draws the preview all the way to the right.
DNA-25601 Improve text
DNA-25604 Add Tooltip to SpeedDial in Popup
DNA-25605 Leverage depot_tools PRESUBMIT scripts to do more code sanity checks
* DNA-25610 Crash in >WebCore::FrameView::setTextWrapWidthRecursively
DNA-25614 SSL tests timeout on Goth-tests disabling
DNA-25617 [Linux] Access Keys Absent from Opera Menu
* DNA-25618 [Linux] no crashlogs dumped
* DNA-25619 Bookmarks are displayed not properly after rearranging them in List view
* DNA-25622 Name is centered while renaming folder in opera:bookmarks in List view
DNA-25625 Design Changes after Meeting
DNA-25626 Add Error State into ShareDialog
* DNA-25632 Fav icon wrong size on HiDPI screens
* DNA-25674 Pressing “Tab” few times in Speed Dial (New StartPage) can focus on Discover articles
* DNA-25685 Follow-up on #discover-categories-per-country (enable on all streams)
* DNA-25687 naming conflict: rename toggleLinearLayout to toggleListLayout
* DNA-25698 Enabling #improved-start-page-preload on beta/Stable
* DNA-25703 Autoupdate is not working properly for 64bit Opera
* DNA-25704 Adjacent bookmark gets edited bookmark’s URL
* DNA-25705 When starting sync with a stored invalid account (deleted by Auth server) there are DCHECKs and bad behavior
DNA-25707 Use a name identifier for preinstalled folders.
* DNA-25714 PDF viewer doesn’t fit document to viewport by default on Chrome PDF viewer
DNA-25718 Add “rainbow theme” as default theme
* DNA-25720 Pinned tabs in TabMenu have wrong layout after restart.
* DNA-25728 [Linux] Crash at startup when using previously available labs experiments
* DNA-25738 Installer’s background picture is tiled with DPI > 100%
DNA-25743 [Linux] Remove flag “HiDPI support”
DNA-25749 Remove xcodebuild from possible directories
DNA-25757 Custom bookmark root nodes are not added to the bookmark index
DNA-25760 Enable the experimental-start-page flag in all stream
DNA-25771 Enable kFeatureProprietaryMediaTypesPlayback by default on all channels
* DNA-25775 Fix scopes and initializations in bookmarks
* DNA-25787 [Linux] Copy/pasting of file://localhost/ URI from address bar adds another file://
DNA-25788 [Win] Ctrl Tab is not passed to browser on some pages
* DNA-25792 [Win8] Check for, and remove, any leftover temporary shortcuts from older Opera versions
DNA-25812 [Mac] Tab menu – Initial version
* DNA-25815 Last tab is not properly laid out in the TabMenu.
* DNA-25838 Use https for the created share link
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