Opera Developer 25.0.1597.0

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News del 23 Agosto 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 25.0.1597.0
Note di rilascio:

Today, we released a new update to Opera developer 25. This update comes with a few fixes for things like bookmarks, MP3, H.264 and more. A complete list of changes can be found in the changelog.

Opera developer

We decided to change the name of the Opera Developer stream to Opera developer. The change is small, but make more sense together with another change we will make in the near future.

Known issues

We found some problems related to Web Notifications. Here’s some known issues that we’re working to fix:

There is no way to toggle notifications on or off in the Settings page
There is no way to deny a site’s request to serve notifications
The Settings page i crashing on OS X 10.7 and 10.8


CHR-2543 Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support
CHR-2885 Update chromium on master to 38.0.2114.2
DNA-20331 [Windows] Rename Opera Developer to Opera developer – WP1
DNA-22068 [Win] Investigate changing WMFMediaPipeline to use smart pointers for source_reader_ and source_reader_callback_
* DNA-22464 [Mac] Opera cannot seek on huge h264 files
* DNA-23408 [Mac] Playback is stalled with bad network connection
* DNA-23532 Address field leaks Enter key event to page
* DNA-24031 First right click on a speed dial in a new window does nothing
* DNA-24143 SD edit box is placed too low
* DNA-24252 Autoupdate is not working for Opera beta
* DNA-24460 [Mac] Ctrl Tab is acting like a Tab
DNA-24526 DNA-15737 Port more extension browser/apitests WP3
* DNA-24609 The title in CJK at Tab Preview is shown as box
* DNA-24645 With the clean profile new window is opened at the same position as the parent window
* DNA-24695 Bookmarks with & in them don’t show up properly in menu
DNA-24738 Crash in ExtensionSet::GetByID
DNA-24803 [Windows] Add the TabMenu button to the TopTabBar.
* DNA-24810 [Win] Uninstalling Opera when it is running displays wrong message, crashes when run with param –runimmediatelly
DNA-24818 Investigate add bookmark to speed dial
* DNA-24823 Animation/transition for switching between SD/Discover is not according to the design
* DNA-24827 Bookmark manager: Unable to move bookmark to last position, without moving other bokmarks
* DNA-24863 [HiDPI] Blurred PDF plugin
* DNA-24865 Loading new SD icon takes extremely long at the first switch
* DNA-24869 [Win] Progress bar indicates 0% all time during uninstalling Opera.
* DNA-24878 Suspicious fails on Stats test starting from 1586
DNA-24886 Bookmark added popout not accessible on Mac
DNA-24903 Make bookmark_view more general
* DNA-24905 Failed opening Discover from the main menu when using experimental start page
* DNA-24907 Heart button does not toggle bookmarks popup visibility when clicked again
* DNA-24919 Heart button is visible on opera:bookmarks’ address field
* DNA-24925 [Win] Lower UPX compression ratio for netinstaller
* DNA-24932 Giving priority to NPAPI instead of PPAPI
* DNA-24947 [Win] Broken UI of installer when netinstaller process in silent mode is running
* DNA-24948 [Linux] No ‘recently closed’ submenu in Unity menu
DNA-24951 Cannot accept invalid certificate
* DNA-24965 [Win] UAC-shield visible on button when uninstalling Opera (for User Account)
* DNA-24976 punycoded IDNs in bookmark names need to be converted to normal text
* DNA-24977 [Win] Installation fails when folder name is too long
DNA-24982 Improve Share Dialog Design
* DNA-24983 Bookmark titles are partially hidden in list view
DNA-24994 More tools submenu shows blank menu item instead of “Synchronize…”
* DNA-24996 [Mac] Can’t play media shorter than 1 s
DNA-25005 Missing version number in opera:about after update
DNA-25009 Access Keys Absent from Global Menu
DNA-25010 Add tooltips to all the icons and buttons
* DNA-25014 Refactor site_icon_generator.js into several files
* DNA-25028 Bookmarks bar Add button is not disabled on opera:bookmarks
* DNA-25030 The same domain should have the same colour tile for bookmarks and speed dial
* DNA-25036 Bookmark folder select in popup doesn’t work
DNA-25044 Add allow-insecure-websocket-from-https-origin to opera://flags
* DNA-25048 Esc doesn’t work when editing bookmark
* DNA-25050 Caret in bookmarks search is positioned too high
* DNA-25051 Show items as icons/list behaves as toggle although it isn’t one
DNA-25055 Implement temporary landmine mechanism for gyp_opera
DNA-25056 Get the image dimension from the load time data
* DNA-25083 Duplicated fallbacks in bookmark manager
DNA-25096 Extend siteIconPrivate API so that it can be used to generate different types of icons
DNA-25104 Start Page should open bookmark manager in the same tab
* DNA-25128 Assert when Open start with certificate panel in background tab
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