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News del 18 Agosto 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 25.0.1592.0
Note di rilascio:

Today, we released an update to Opera Developer 25, and we have a little present. For many of you, it is not actually a big surprise that we are working on a bookmark manager. But, in this release, the bookmark flag is enabled by default.

Furthermore, this update comes with many fixes for things like MP3, H.264, HiDPI and more. As always, a complete list of changes can be found in the changelog.


First, take a look at the main Opera menu. You’ll find a new item there – Bookmarks.


Play around with that menu and see what happens. Now you can quickly enable or disable the bookmarks bar by selecting Show bookmark bar.

If you want to bookmark a page, click the heart icon, found on the right side of the combined address and search bar. We think it’s cool that Opera now suggests a thumbnail for your new bookmarks. There are a few suggestions and you can change the image if you think another works better for you.


The bookmarks page (found by clicking Show all bookmarks in the main menu), contains a list of folders on the left. Use these to manage your bookmarks. You can organize your folders and personalize how you want your bookmarks to be kept.

Please keep in mind that development is ongoing. The look, feel and functionality of bookmarks could change in future releases. That said, try it out. Let us know what you think.


CHR-436 Old context menu does not disappear when new context menu is activated
CHR-1745 Fix missing focus outline in web controls for OS X 10.9
CHR-2180 [Mac] WP1 support for MP3 decode on OSX
CHR-2543 Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support
CHR-2831 Update chromium on master to 38.0.2101.0
CHR-2934 Got rid of net::LOAD_ENABLE_LOAD_TIMING.
* DNA-9715 Unknown protocol dialog has wrong button
* DNA-15155 Regression in CertificateBlacklistTest.VerifyCertificateCAValid from opera_common_net_unittests
* DNA-15938 Bookmarklet installation warning text is clipped
* DNA-17306 Opera accesses “Opera Safe Storage” too frequently
* DNA-21194 webNotifications DOM API availability does not depend on flag
DNA-22384 [Windows] Tab menu – Refactor TabStripLayoutManager
DNA-22507 [Engine] Sugar bowl
* DNA-22549 [Linux] Can’t paste with Diodon Clipboard Manager in the address bar
* DNA-22925 [Win]Cannot play h264 videos from bts attachment
* DNA-23005 Get only 1 frame in the zoom-in/activation animation on Retina
DNA-23024 [Engine] Sugar bowl – Testsuite
* DNA-23060 Opening new tab animation looks broken
* DNA-23171 [Touch][HiDPI] Slow scrolling on touch screens
* DNA-23417 “Preview is not available” when it should be
* DNA-23422 Never showing preview after dismissing context-menu
DNA-23430 Port extension tests from chromium WP4
DNA-23517 Ctrl + Space on addressbar causes random effects.
* DNA-23535 Left edge of tab preview is not displayed properly
* DNA-23586 [Mac] OS X 10.6 Renderer Crash on Gmail
* DNA-23606 Add “Speech” to text-selection context-menu and Edit menu
* DNA-23736 [Mac] Tab preview view in Mission Control
DNA-23888 [Win] PDF viewer integration WP2
* DNA-23889 Speed Dial breaks if empty folder is left after removing extensions
* DNA-23964 When rearranging bookmarks on bookmark tab, order in Bookmark manager does not change
* DNA-23980 Bookmarks popup throws on addons.opera.com
* DNA-23992 Impossible to interact with net-installer on networks requiring proxy authentication unless successfully signed in
* DNA-24011 Too much of background downloading by net-installer even after a failed installation attempt
* DNA-24033 Buttons in WebUIs and scrollbars are not styled on Windows
* DNA-24040 Sliding extension toolbar doesn’t show up properly
* DNA-24058 [Win] Aspect ratio and scaling issues on H264 movies
* DNA-24094 Custorm bookmark nodes should have their id’s reassigned in case of corrupt Bookmarks file.
* DNA-24257 When adding bookmark with shortcut and with heart icon, screenshot is doubled
* DNA-24259 “Add to bookmarks” in the context menu should have the bookmark icon (the heart)
DNA-24281 [pl,ro,ru,de,sr] Clipped modal dialog string ‘Allow to display notifications on desktop’
* DNA-24318 Turbo badge not displayed when loading http site. Regression 1576
DNA-24343 Enabling Chrome’s restarting functionality
* DNA-24344 [Win][HiDPI] Improper scaling of the video during the first playback when using Pepper Flash
* DNA-24364 Current user installation installs to wrong location with default folder option
* DNA-24365 Bookmark item in edit mode should not use a hand cursor
* DNA-24378 [Mac] 10.6 Opera crashes with full screen shortcut
* DNA-24381 Password is not filled automatically after accepting keychain access
* DNA-24386 Custom url_welcome in the network installer json query isn’t opened with first Opera start
* DNA-24389 [Mac] TabPeek – broken preview after resizing the window
DNA-24392 [Tools] Sugar bowl – Fix all the UI strings related to bookmarks
* DNA-24448 [Win8] Remove the invisible messages for registrational toast
DNA-24458 Clean up SearchEngines WP2 – switch to Chromium POST SearchEngines implementation
DNA-24459 Make opera://op-resources/ and opera://resources/ work in non-bundled bookmark manager
* DNA-24468 Crash on exit after switching to the new Start Page
* DNA-24471 Extension keyboard shortcut not working anymore
DNA-24478 There is an unused variable in Jump List code.
DNA-24479 Clean up Lint issues and reference counting in suggestions provider code.
* DNA-24482 Error in the console “Re-setting data. “
* DNA-24489 Hide the heart button when page triggers certificate dialog
DNA-24493 Bookmark Manager: When dragging, the bookmark right of a just switched node is unresponsive
* DNA-24496 [Win] Old installer not working on 25.0.1583.0
DNA-24497 [Linux] No keyboard shortcut to paste the primary buffer
* DNA-24500 [Win] New installer launches old installer window, installs 24.0.1548.38806
DNA-24501 [Mac] Add DataRequestHandlerTest to smoketest
* DNA-24503 Scrollbar in bookmark poper is not styled
DNA-24505 [Linux] Fix compilation warning in fpdf_parser_parser.cpp
DNA-24506 Moving bookmarks in the bookmarks bar generates inconsistent events
DNA-24510 Sorting the result of getChildren. Needed or not?
* DNA-24513 [Win] The old installer doesn’t install root files
DNA-24515 [Linux] Create RPM packages WP1
* DNA-24518 Assert when opening the settings page with sync disabled
DNA-24521 Make paste start at the first position of the target folder
DNA-24524 Update the package-diff script to match recent changes
* DNA-24530 Crashes when opening/closing the new Start Page
* DNA-24532 can’t drag a bookmark after canceling editing it
* DNA-24544 Disk error on choosing USB installation when removable disk drive does not have media
* DNA-24547 Can scroll in extension popup
DNA-24555 Make new bookmark folder structure work with sync (WP1 for DNA-24481)
* DNA-24558 Auto-update fails when updating from Opera Next to Opera beta
* DNA-24559 [Win] Replace the small tile assets with slightly bigger
* DNA-24563 [Win] Update the installer_unittests with tests for xml layout validation, invalid xml files and root_files
* DNA-24566 [Linux] Linker error when building in debug with shared libraries
* DNA-24569 Opera crashes when installing Speed Dial for Gmail
DNA-24574 [HiDPI] Remove unnecesary patches which aren’t needed any more
* DNA-24576 [Mac] Cmd+Shift+ switch tabs even when focus is in text fields.
* DNA-24579 Can delete/edit selected bookmark
* DNA-24581 Doubled favicon for a bookmark without a name on the bookmark bar.
DNA-24582 Fix HeartMenuTest on Mac
DNA-24583 Enable Bookmarks flag on Developer
* DNA-24584 [Linux] Password manager fails to deserialize KWallet
* DNA-24585 Use start-page image in the bookmark manager
DNA-24592 In private window, going to bookmark manager opens normal window
DNA-24593 Fix PartnerContentTest.GetDataFromTrackingJsonFile
* DNA-24594 Exit folder edit in BM manager throws
DNA-24595 Disable StartPagePreloadService for single process mode
DNA-24596 [Tools] Code clean up
* DNA-24610 Middle click to open bookmark in a background tab does not work
* DNA-24620 SD generator stops working after several generation failures
* DNA-24630 The SD icon generator “crashes” on domains with no TLD.
* DNA-24631 Patchy background for text label in installer’s uninstall page
DNA-24632 Add Sogou and Qihoo 360 search engines for Chinese distibution builds
DNA-24636 Disable two unsupported notifications api tests
* DNA-24637 Background task stays hanging after installer window close.
DNA-24647 “Unknown navigation context found” when loading local URL using Open File
* DNA-24649 Support Ctrl/Cmd F in the bookmark manager
DNA-24650 If a bookmark is missing title, menus show as blank
DNA-24652 Fix autorelease pool missing leak on OS X 10.6
DNA-24653 Focus the bookmark search on search keyboard-shortcut if bookmark manager is the current document
DNA-24657 Add Speed Dial back to Opera menu -> Page, when bookmarks flag is enabled
DNA-24661 First rough version of sharing dialog
DNA-24663 Import ChromeBrowserMainPartsPosix
* DNA-24665 [Linux] Low resolution Unity Dock icon
* DNA-24668 Page not focused after opening file using Open dialog
* DNA-24671 Search engines using POST with multiple query arguments cannot be added and not migrated correctly
DNA-24679 PDF viewier strings are not always properly generated.
* DNA-24681 When opening the bookmark manager, “back” button is active
* DNA-24682 Preview window snaps back to original scale just before tab switch
DNA-24686 Implement add to speed dial on the extension side
* DNA-24688 File chooser dialog not opened from extension browser action popup
DNA-24691 opera://bookmark-image data source doesn’t work in private mode
* DNA-24692 Adding blank pages to bookmarks adds folder instead
* DNA-24693 Browser crash in chrome.tabs.create when navigation is not allowed
* DNA-24694 Unable to tab between fields in Options page of new installer
* DNA-24700 The new netinstaller should temporarily use the “Dev newins” stream when fetching the full package
* DNA-24704 [Linux] Chrome PDF viewer doesn’t work
DNA-24707 Integrate new image fall-back solution
DNA-24712 NOTREACHED during extension installation from addons.opera.com
* DNA-24714 Address field keeps focus after reloading the page
DNA-24716 [Linux] App modal dialog is not modal
DNA-24721 Allow the repacking and package diff scripts to handle all flavors of buildbot hostnames
* DNA-24772 Crash on trying to install with an invalid redirection on package JSON
* DNA-24773 [Win8] [HiDPI] Not whole PDF plugin area is repainted in HiDPI mode
DNA-24781 Non-string passed through bookmarkManagerPrivate::getString breaks extension
* DNA-24783 [Win] Browsertests for web notifications fails on GOTH
DNA-24784 Upload Images When Sharing
DNA-24785 Move opera_autoupdate licenses and version file out of Contents/MacOS
DNA-24786 Split basic_usage JS test
DNA-24787 Disable test by_user
* DNA-24788 Using –load-extension shouldn’t require confirmation
* DNA-24791 End of separator line and item grid don’t align
* DNA-24793 Bookmark manager title doesn’t agree to real folder name
DNA-24794 Sign Opera.app inside out without resource rules
DNA-24798 ‘features’ target transitively depends on Blink, causing a nasty dep backpack for installer
DNA-24802 Assert when creating the main menu in debug
DNA-24804 Add a TabMenu flag.
DNA-24808 Move Speed Dial icon generation to an extension
DNA-24814 Some of StretchLayout instances could have been replaced with stock BoxLayout.
DNA-24815 Implement Rough Dialog Flow
* DNA-24826 –presto-small-prefs-dir fails to migrate Opera 12 profile
DNA-24855 Clean up and remove some interaction obstacles
DNA-24856 ExtensionServiceTest crash/fail due to missing resources
DNA-24880 Create link in sidebar and add put stuff there when sharing
* DNA-24885 [chromium] event page with xhr to redirect url never unloaded
DNA-24892 Refactor manager and bookmarksView before proceeding
DNA-24896 Get rid of redundant methodType_ variable
DNA-24901 Style Google search box in the new Start page
* DNA-24918 ‘Shared by me’ is visible irrespective of ‘sharing’ flag
* DNA-24926 Unable to click the Speed Dial on old Start Page
DNA-24936 Add string in the corner flip to return to the new Startpage
* DNA-24954 Mac [10.6] MP3 cannot play
DNA-24969 Lossless optimization of bundled Speed Dial tiles
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