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News del 06 Agosto 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 25.0.1583.1
Note di rilascio:

Today, we took another step forward and released Opera Developer 25. Under the hood, Opera now supports web notifications. This is something you spotted in our changelogs before. We’ve also improved our Mac installation by moving to the network installer that Windows users have enjoyed for the past few releases.

Web notifications

From now on, Opera officially supports web notifications. These are a special kind of pop-up triggered by a site. Notifications alert the user outside of the context of the browser. Usually, the operating system UI is used to display the alert. This is very convenient way for web page and web app makers to inform their users about events, such as the delivery of email or a comment posted on a blog.

You can check it out if you use the Gmail web client. Enable Desktop Notifications in your Gmail settings and have fun!

New Mac installer

This release also includes a brand new network installer for Mac. The smaller-sized downloader fetches the latest version of Opera when you’re connected to the web. It installs and runs our browser automatically. The new installer is less prone to errors and should manage to download a package when you’re on poor-quality networks.
Network installation for Windows has been available for some time and now we’ve brought it to Mac. New users can download the network installer once and, from then on, it will always install the latest Opera from our servers. Of course, the regular auto update still works.

There can be situations where you may need the full, offline package installer. We haven’t gotten rid of previous solution, just added the smaller option. For anyone who’s worried, you will still be able to download the full size installer.

The new, improved changelog

You asked for more detail information about bugfixing and we’ve improved the changelog to help out. But, bear in mind that the log is created automatically, issues are filed by people and mistakes can happen. Now, every bug is marked with a *.

Known Issue

Page crash on Gmail with Mac OS X 10.6 – To fix this please disable Proprietary audio codecs on opera://flags


CHR-1026 Turn components into static libraries.
CHR-1115 Integrate DirectFB compositor code into master
CHR-1854 Run gn hooks in gyp_chromium
CHR-2038 Guard against bad input or OOM when converting Java bitmap to Skia bitmap
CHR-2292 Make it possible to have blink::WebPlugin’s scriptableObject as a v8 object instead of NPObject.
CHR-2368 Flash elements disappears after opening webinspector on windows
CHR-2487 HiDPI: Align DIP -> screen pixel conversions with Windows
CHR-2543 Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support
CHR-2771 Fix GMOCK warnings in PasswordManagerTest
CHR-2812 Create separate layer for root background at negative z-index.
CHR-2839 Support Chromium gcc 4.6 build
CHR-2856 Make it possible to use ffmpeg from system
CHR-2858 Enhance sync test server to show stored data.
* DNA-6866 Migration using ‘Opera Directory’ setting in operaprefs.ini does not work
* DNA-9185 Adding to stash on HTTP Authorization dialog
DNA-17356 Merge the netinstaller code into the installer
DNA-17364 DCHECK failure in AddressBarView::OnDidChangeFocus
* DNA-17954 HTML5 form validation
* DNA-17998 Calling IDC_EXIT does not close browser, when Omenu or context menu is opened.
DNA-18099 Installation bubble should be closed after clicking on it
DNA-20341 [Windows] Rename Opera Next to Opera beta – WP1
* DNA-20480 Label used in the OS password dialog does not provide any context
* DNA-20803 Content of the tab is moving for a short moment when sliding toolbar is sliding down on another tab
* DNA-20807 MOV files support
* DNA-20860 [Win] Process gpu hanged during playback of H264 movie on two tabs
DNA-20938 Please enable #warn-about-insecure-content flag in all streams
* DNA-21406 Add “Lookup ‘selection’” [in Dictionary.app] to text-selection context-menu
* DNA-21535 Missing value for AXTitle, AXDescription or AXTitleUIElement – Name textfield (adding a bookmark to Bookmarks Bar)
* DNA-21608 Overinstalling Vanilla build on custom Edition build should reset search engines.
* DNA-21689 Properly declaring which media formats we support per OS
DNA-21760 Eliminate more decoded data copies
* DNA-21837 [Linux] Opera window is not resizeable through dragging of upper border.
DNA-21838 Esc does not cancel bookmark addition to bookmarks bar
DNA-21847 [Win] Download callout includes unknown elements
* DNA-21924 [Linux][HiDPI] Support Alternative High DPI solution
DNA-21946 [Win][HiDPI] Text on the bookmark placeholder when dragging the tab over bookmark bar is not scaled
* DNA-22065 Cannot properly decode hz-gb-2312
* DNA-22081 [Mac] Video frames not refreshing after seek
* DNA-22313 [Linux] Button tooltips cut off at window edge in restored window
DNA-22395 [pl], [de] [es-419] Frozen plugin text does not fit the dialog window in some languages
* DNA-22438 [Linux] Main menu is shown after switching workspace with Alt+XX
DNA-22506 [Tools] Sugar bowl
* DNA-22571 [Linux] Use configuration file for possible Pepper Flash paths
* DNA-22573 With maximised Opera window, Windows 7 taskbar set to auto-hide does not show up when the taskbar area is hovered
* DNA-22583 Heart menu should disappear when something happens
* DNA-22654 Use production server address in installer
* DNA-22725 Opera crashes on opening multiple tabs from bookmarks
* DNA-22728 No way to open Discover article in background
* DNA-22740 manually correction of autofill breaks future autofill useage for that field
* DNA-22741 [Win] Patch update states ‘you have the newest version’ for previous
* DNA-22869 Autocomplete test fails with capital letters
* DNA-22878 Wrong tooltip text on pinned tabs
* DNA-22900 OmniboxKeywordMigrationTest.MigrateKeyword fails
DNA-22905 [Windows] Create bookmarks menu
DNA-22907 Sugar bowl – Hook into the existing heart menu button
* DNA-22913 Heart looks ugly on non-retina screens
* DNA-22914 The red star icon in the heart menu looks washed out
DNA-22916 [Engine] Sugar bowl – Add new default folders to the bookmark model
DNA-22924 Cleanup and align extension code with chromium to make intakes easier
* DNA-22979 [Mac] ExtensionApiTest.FaviconPermission fails
DNA-22999 [Win] Intake – printing broken
* DNA-23002 [Mac] Notifications should not be supported on Mac OS X 10.7.x
* DNA-23015 Activating tab shown before pre-animation clear-out
* DNA-23025 MetaInfo is not copied, pasted, cut by BookmarkPrivateApi
DNA-23039 URL state is invalid after navigating back from opened SSL dialog.
* DNA-23040 opera:browserjs does not handle the case of missing browser.js
DNA-23057 Translate strings for Opera 24
* DNA-23068 Audio problems with H.264 video on Windows. Noises in AAC
* DNA-23079 Opera 24 launcher, bug in Unity (Ubuntu)
DNA-23090 Port extension tests from chromium WP3
* DNA-23094 Crash on blogs.opera.com/desktop with Turbo on
* DNA-23103 Browser window frame has become too thin without aero enabled
DNA-23124 Expose the theme API to the bundled bookmark extension
DNA-23126 Import stash to a bookmark folder
* DNA-23131 Web inspector disappears when navigating to a new page
* DNA-23133 [Linux] Text to warn users about external protocols is duplicated
* DNA-23160 [Win] Remove dead code and resources for web notification tray
* DNA-23175 XHR not working for extensions with correct permissions
* DNA-23177 [Mac] [Win] Ctrl+` (SelectPreviouslyActiveTab) is broken
DNA-23180 DNA-22989 WP 2 – Print via PDFium
DNA-23184 Store the image data as data URI in the bookmark meta data
* DNA-23185 Set the stepping to 100 for the delayed tab peek power settings.
* DNA-23187 [Win] Create only up to three temporary Opera shortcuts – one for each stream
DNA-23189 Use chrome’s ProfileManager to avoid modifying many files
* DNA-23194 [Mac] tab preview is shown for another tab while dragging the tab
* DNA-23195 [Linux][HiDPI] Should use GTK settings to determine scale factor
* DNA-23200 No possibility to see PDF on Mac. Downloading instead of showing
* DNA-23206 Unable to print from PDF documents
DNA-23214 Enable basic chrome.notifiaction API support
* DNA-23218 LaunchWebAuthFlowFunctionTest fails
* DNA-23299 ExtensionApiTest.ActiveTab timeouts
* DNA-23354 Update bundled bookmark manager
* DNA-23355 Calling chrome.browsingData crashes extension
* DNA-23358 Enable HiDPI on the desktop-stable-37-1558 branch
* DNA-23359 Enable private window chrome colour flag on desktop-stable-37-1558 branch
* DNA-23361 [Win] Fix browsertests for web notifications
DNA-23364 [Mac] Create bookmarks menu
* DNA-23387 [Win] Adobe reader is not enabled in opera:plugins by default
* DNA-23405 [Win] Web Notifications – The notification is not fully displayed
* DNA-23410 Closing background tab activates the tab to the right of it instead of showing its preview
DNA-23413 Import Chrome’s browser shutdown functionality
* DNA-23414 BrowserActionInteractiveTest.DestroyHWNDDoesNotCrash fails
* DNA-23421 FormStructureBrowserTest.DataDrivenHeuristics01 fails
* DNA-23424 Part of the search query in search sliding toolbar is not visible
DNA-23427 opera:bookmarks URL shows extension badge
* DNA-23428 Gray bar is visible when sliding toolbar appears in another tab
* DNA-23432 The width of Insecure Content badge is different in win 7 and win 8 when minimised
DNA-23433 Expose bookmarks flag on start page
DNA-23437 Assert when navigating with fullscreen toggled
* DNA-23439 [Mac] Unsafe AVAssetResourceLoader::setDelegate call
* DNA-23440 [Engine] It’s possible to create two identical notification API request bubbles
DNA-23441 Stopping navigation while HTTP Auth dialog opens crashes Opera
* DNA-23443 [Win8] Temporary shortcut is created regardless of whether the notifications flag is on
DNA-23444 Make string translatable
* DNA-23445 [Win8][Installer] Uninstall any leftover temporary shortcuts along with Opera
DNA-23448 [Mac] Use smoother thumbnail in Tab Preview
DNA-23454 Missing resources for test ExtensionFromWebApp.Basic
* DNA-23463 No install option screen when opening the installer without network connection
DNA-23483 Adjust the start page if bookmarks are enabled
* DNA-23484 [Mac] OS X 10.6 Clicking heart menu button crashes Opera
* DNA-23486 [Win] Incorrect tab preview when Inspector is opened in the active tab
DNA-23487 [Linux] Web Notifications WP2
DNA-23492 PasswordFormManager leaks memory
DNA-23494 PageView can be NULL when using the TabMenuController.
* DNA-23503 Opening new window after having only the private window open overwrites previous session
DNA-23511 Reenable browsing data API
DNA-23513 New default bookmark folders WP1 – Remove old presto related bookmark code
DNA-23514 New default bookmark folders WP2 – Make BookmarkModel handle custom root folders
DNA-23517 Ctrl + Space on addressbar causes random effects.
* DNA-23524 [Win] YT viewport from inactive tab plays in the active tab
* DNA-23526 Native messaging API broken on Linux/Mac
* DNA-23528 [WIN] Youtube / Vimeo sites hanging ,regression 24.0.1561.0 -> 24.0.1562.0
* DNA-23530 PDFium PDF viewer should not be available in Opera 24
DNA-23534 Hook up bookmarks menu to extension dialog
DNA-23541 Remove stash from all the menus if bookmarks are enabled
* DNA-23542 [Win][HiDPI] Speed dial extensions are not scaled.
DNA-23543 Heart menu should disappear when something happens – followup
DNA-23546 Unnecessary include in status.cc
* DNA-23549 Two instances of network installer can be running simultaneously
* DNA-23552 [Win8] Web Notifications – name of temporary Opera shortcut is Opera [stream] Message Center
* DNA-23554 No option to get offline installation when the server is down
DNA-23559 Remove stash from all the menus if bookmarks are enabled WP1
* DNA-23561 [Win][Linux] Crash when dragging out of the window tab with permission dialog (any page-modal dialog)
* DNA-23562 Print selection feature not working
DNA-23563 Fix shutdown assert after ProfileManager is in use
* DNA-23573 [Linux] Crash when dragging image from inspector to page
* DNA-23578 Crash on launching opera.exe with –user-data-dir argument
* DNA-23589 Replace Wikipedia speed dial entry with Media Markt in Russia
* DNA-23590 [MAC]Youtube can not play two movies with h264 codecs in different tabs
DNA-23595 Align Opera initialization better after ProfileManager enabled
DNA-23597 New default bookmark folders WP3 – new default bookmark folders with extended Bookmark API
DNA-23598 Favorite::navigate_url() returns empty URL when it is changed from regular to “partner content” one
* DNA-23599 [MAC] Crashes when playing HD videos
* DNA-23601 [win] Tab name is barely visible in High contrast mode
* DNA-23604 [Win] Bookmarks bar names not visible in High Contrast mode
DNA-23609 Hook the extension dialog in the existing heart menu button and remove the native dialog WP1
* DNA-23612 Network installer must check the signature of what it downloaded before installing/executing it
* DNA-23613 Server shouldn’t try to serve non-Opera zip files at all
DNA-23616 [Linux] Sugar bowl – Unity menu entry for bookmarks
* DNA-23617 [Win] OMenu button regressed after Chromium intake
* DNA-23619 [Win][Linux] Heart menu items are misaligned after Chromium intake
DNA-23620 [Debug][Win] RestoreAlphaXfermode::RestoreAlpha crashes flash plugin
DNA-23625 The SD image generator should report errors back to Opera
* DNA-23630 Contextual functionality container overlap scrollbars
* DNA-23633 Open callouts are not dismissed on ctrl+tabbing
DNA-23635 Opera crashes on exit after starting with –disable-preload-startpage
DNA-23636 Assertion failure in content::StartSandboxedProcess while running opauto with debug builds
DNA-23641 Re-add plus button on the bookmarks bar
DNA-23642 Re-add plus button on the bookmarks bar WP1
DNA-23644 Speed Dial thumbnail size settings don’t work for the new Start Page
DNA-23645 Opera removes all the whitespace from data sent to the autoupdate server
* DNA-23650 Extension fixes after CHR-2741 intake.
DNA-23651 Rename gyp variable use_titlecase_in_grd_files
DNA-23652 [Linux] opera_sandbox missing from the goth test packages
* DNA-23657 [Win] Addrbar autocompletes address when part is removed and remaining selected
* DNA-23658 [Win] Addrbar copy/paste working incorrectly on autocompleted addresses
DNA-23659 New Speed Dial icons generated even when “experimental-start-page” is disabled
DNA-23665 Turn off Tab Preview when running in HiDPI mode.
DNA-23671 Crash on running browser again
* DNA-23695 [Mac] AVPlayer does not open links without extension
* DNA-23705 [Linux][Win] Fonts in bookmarks bar are messed up
* DNA-23706 Assert in ButtonSetDefault fails when beforeunload dialog is shown
* DNA-23710 Onbeforeunload handler page makes crash Opera after opening and closing Private Windows
* DNA-23712 [Win][HiDPI] pageAction icons in address bar not scaled
DNA-23713 Switching to the experimental Start Page doesn’t reload the preloaded one
* DNA-23716 DefaultSearchEngine is not recorded after restart session
* DNA-23724 [Engine] Remove notifications settings as a part of removing browser data
DNA-23725 opera://settings/ shows options for the wrong Start Page version after the user has switched
* DNA-23731 plus dialog thumbnails causes problems
DNA-23734 DCHECK after closing Opera with incognito window
* DNA-23738 CalculateSearchProviderKeywordHash uses not NULL-terminated c-string
DNA-23748 Crash on startup if heart menu is disabled but bookmarks is enabled
* DNA-23753 discover’s URLs are visible in speed dial’s plus dialog suggestions
DNA-23759 Cat Crash in base::Thread::Run
* DNA-23762 [Linux] Assertion from ShellIntegration::IsFirefoxDefaultBrowser when starting with clean profile in debug
DNA-23763 libosmesa.so missing from test packages
DNA-23764 Remove extensions stash API.
* DNA-23774 [Win][Linux] A not-so-frequent crash when dragging tabs around
DNA-23776 Integrate Bookmarks Manager Extension into Main Repository
* DNA-23777 PageViewCollectionObserver::OnPageViewCollectionClearing notification sends several times when closing a browser window
DNA-23779 Fix credits page
* DNA-23780 [Win8] Web Notifications – icon from extension not displayed
* DNA-23806 Browsertest FavoriteCollectionViewTest.DeleteFolderWithExtensions crashes
* DNA-23808 [Win7][Linux] Packed extensions’ WebNotifications don’t display icons
* DNA-23812 [Win8] chrome.notifications.onclosed – wrong flag byUser in callback
* DNA-23816 Crash in TabContextMenuController
* DNA-23817 [Win8] Notifications update function does not update the icon
DNA-23818 [Linux] No About Opera in Help menu on Unity
DNA-23821 Linux alltests package need manual setup steps after unpacking
DNA-23838 [Linux] Implement H.264 support WP1
DNA-23841 [Linux] Implement H.264 support WP2
DNA-23866 Blacklisted notification window can’t be accessed by LDTP
* DNA-23869 [Linux] Should be buildable with Clang
* DNA-23871 [Win] Crash when trying to drop a tab on a recently closed window’s space
* DNA-23876 [Linux] Opera 24 crashes when the profile is locked
DNA-23879 Applying SessionEnding function for case when the desktop session is ending
DNA-23881 Use the new folder structure for the bookmark menu
DNA-23882 Remove bookmark importer UI
* DNA-23885 [Win7] Glitch animation when showing notification in Win7 with Taskbar in vertical position
DNA-23886 Browsertests use user profile instead of fresh temporary profile
* DNA-23890 [Win8] Notification icon doesn’t update to a http based image
* DNA-23893 No fade out effect on tab titles
* DNA-23894 [Win8] Notification icon doesn’t update to an image of extension-relative URL
DNA-23899 Remove bookmark importer UI WP1
DNA-23913 Typo ‘new Start Start Page’
DNA-23916 Increase desktop version to 25
DNA-23919 Use the new folder structure for the bookmark menu WP1
* DNA-23920 Potential problems with Chrome history import on first run
DNA-23923 Switch order of the Stash and Discover documents in the new Start page
DNA-23924 [Tools] Change text to Show in Bookmarks on bookmarks pop-up and always go to unsorted
DNA-23926 [Tools] adjust the code to support opera:bookmark-image/
* DNA-23927 Newly added Speed Dial items have URL as title
* DNA-23930 [Win] Slightly different font in tab title on active/inactive tab after Chromium intake
* DNA-23932 [Win8] Inconsistency between display of long messages in views and win8 toast notifications
* DNA-23936 Crash after clicking “import” button in bookmark importer
* DNA-23942 Hard to start multiselecting bookmarks in bookmark manager
* DNA-23946 When bookmark bar is shown, menu item still shows “Show bookmarks bar”
DNA-23950 [Linux] Packaging broken on Linux
* DNA-23952 Fonts don’t load in component extensions
* DNA-23960 Bookmark edit: When invalid URL given, no proper error given
DNA-23962 Stash should be imported to ‘unsorted’ folder
* DNA-23969 Bookmark edit: When editing bookmark, clicking outside bookmark should cancel edit
* DNA-23970 Icon for JS bookmark is different in bookmark bar and in bookmark manager
DNA-23974 Use the new theme API to get the theme in the bookmark manager
* DNA-23977 “Imported bookmarks” sidebar folder is called “Other bookmarks” in Bookmarks manager
* DNA-23996 Dead bookmarks-importer in speed dial after migration with bookmarks feature enabled
* DNA-24025 [Win8] Decrease the limit on notification truncation and create a browsertest for message truncation on Win8
* DNA-24032 Throwing null/undefined in extensions event handler causes extensions::console::Fatal
* DNA-24033 Buttons in WebUIs and scrollbars are not styled on Windows
* DNA-24035 [Win] Unable to change installation type when dest folder is selected from dropdown
* DNA-24038 [windows] HiDPI parameters are not send to Pepper flash plugin
* DNA-24039 [Win] Autocomplete options are too small in HiDPI
DNA-24043 Enable #tab-preview flag in all streams.
DNA-24044 Add browsertest for chrome.runtime.onStartup
* DNA-24045 After conducting search in boomarks unable to open Unsorted bookmarks
* DNA-24047 When bookmark manager windows is smaller than 673px, toolbar items wrap
* DNA-24049 Bookmark manager: When adding new folders, new folder overflows previous folder
DNA-24053 Get rid of duplicated path constants
DNA-24061 [Engine][Extensions] Enable notifications apitest in Opera
DNA-24065 Not working with videos and captcha. Crashing.
* DNA-24071 Incorrect bookmarks menu with migrated bookmark data
* DNA-24076 Opera crashes when opening speed dial add dialog on clean profile
* DNA-24080 Opera opens with opera:about page after the first start
* DNA-24082 Speed Dial and other Opera pages not displayed properly in Tab Preview after resizing window
* DNA-24085 Update extension tests for developer only builds
* DNA-24090 When adding some web pages to bookmarks, falback image is not accessible
DNA-24093 [Tools] Sugar bowl – Implement Simple Keyboard Navigation in Manager WP1
DNA-24098 After intake, managed bookmarks is not completely disabled and crashes the bookmarks menu
* DNA-24100 [Mac] Bring back “Add to speed dial” menu item
* DNA-24101 Copied bookmarks do not have visible thumbnail
* DNA-24102 Blank thumbnail after changing thumbnail image
DNA-24104 Fix opera_crashinpsector build after DNA-23940
* DNA-24106 Bookmark manager loaded as component extension fails to show text thumbnails
DNA-24107 [Tools] Improve image scaling
* DNA-24110 [Windows] Rename Opera Next to Opera beta – fix opauto issues
* DNA-24113 [Win] Crash after draging tab onto bookmarks bar folder
DNA-24114 [Win] DCHECK when autoupdate is perfomed with no launcher.exe present
DNA-24115 [Tools] Sugar bowl – Make it clear where selection starts
DNA-24123 Limit partner redirection to certain suggestion types
DNA-24130 Fix bookmark manager regression introduced by DNA-24045
* DNA-24135 Select text contents of the Name field when switching to edit mode
* DNA-24136 Crash when starting Opera with –load-component-extension
* DNA-24138 Folder name is ‘undefined’ in delete confirmation dialog
* DNA-24139 Missing resource in bookmark_popup.html
* DNA-24243 Broken encoding for Speed Dial titles of unvisited pages
* DNA-24244 Opera crashes when opening a window after all windows are closed
* DNA-24250 During bookmark edit when trying to select URL by mouse, tile starts to be dragged
DNA-24253 Extension fixes after CHR-2800 intake (38.0.2096.0).
* DNA-24256 Search stats counting changed in O24
* DNA-24259 “Add to bookmarks” in the context menu should have the bookmark icon (the heart)
DNA-24264 Use UPX to compress the new network installer
* DNA-24265 Investigate using chrome::NOTIFICATION_PROFILE_DESTROYED to Shutdown StartPagePreloadService
* DNA-24266 Folder options in bookmark popup doesn’t work
DNA-24267 Update the bundled partner speed dial icons to the 144×144 size
* DNA-24268 Bookmarks: When multiselecting by dragging, “New folder” may become active
* DNA-24269 Possible to start Edit selected bookmark
DNA-24271 Add bookmark component unittests to desktop_common_unittests
DNA-24272 [Tools] Sugar bowl – Style fixes and HiDPI
DNA-24274 [Tools] Pick the color for the image fall-back from the color list
* DNA-24275 In bookmark menu when there is bookmark in bookmark bar, right-clicking “Show more unsorted” brings up menu for first bookmark bar bookmark
* DNA-24276 Javascript dialogs should show the same origin (opera:bookmarks) like the addressfield
DNA-24277 [Tools] Add a speed dial image for opera:bookmarks
DNA-24282 Bookmark context menu needs rearranging
DNA-24283 Translate user folders
* DNA-24294 Drag to select triggered on back mouse gesture after clicking folder
* DNA-24305 Search does not return results from Imported Bookmarks folder
DNA-24310 Paarmetrize opera:bookmark-image url.
* DNA-24312 When there are many bookmarks folders, there are two non styled scrollbars in bookmark poper
DNA-24322 Import Chrome’s Mac relauncher
* DNA-24327 Failed BookmarkCodecTest unittests
* DNA-24337 [Win][HiDPI] Transparent rectangle over video players in fullscreen while using Pepper Flash
DNA-24339 Bookmark manager Add folder button still looks inactive
DNA-24342 When unsorted has less than 15 items, there’s a unwanted separator above where the “Show more unsorted…” link would be.
DNA-24345 Run desktop_chromium_unittests as a smoketest
* DNA-24352 Favicons don’t show up in bookmark manager if preloading of start page was disabled
* DNA-24365 Bookmark item in edit mode should not use a hand cursor
* DNA-24372 Edit and Select bookmark menu items in bookmark manager does not work
* DNA-24374 Bookmark manager: Resizing window causes thumbnails / list switcher change size
* DNA-24375 Bookmark manager confirmation alert title is “Opera Bookmarks 2.0″
* DNA-24377 Bookmarks manager in oMenu is called “Bookmark manager”
DNA-24384 oMenu Bookmarks: “Show more unsorted…” replace with “Show more…”
* DNA-24391 Use good name and author in manifest.json
* DNA-24393 Dragging doesn’t work after ghost select
* DNA-24394 Edit mode cancelled on clicking text inside editable fields
DNA-24400 Abort GhostSelect on ESC
DNA-24403 Update root folder name translations
* DNA-24408 CLONE – Opera crashes in CheckDefaultBrowserCallback
* DNA-24415 opera:bookmarks does not load due to string data loading failure
DNA-24422 Use chrome.tabs.query directly
DNA-24446 [Win8] Create a default tile override for Opera desktop WP1
DNA-24455 Bundled Facebook 144×144 SD icon is too dark
DNA-24463 Revert DNA-22999 and CHR-2735
* DNA-24470 Performance issue with screen shots in the popup
DNA-24473 desktop/common/skin/ doesn’t seem to be used anywhere.
DNA-24483 [Win8] Invalid filename for root files list in the installer
* DNA-24496 [Win] Old installer not working on 25.0.1583.0
* == bugfix
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