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News del 03 Giugno 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 23.0.1514.1
Note di rilascio:

Today we have a new selection of fixes, plus a minor but helpful UI modification. With this update our developer stream moves to version 23.0.1514.1.

A new search box in Themes and Extensions

We find the search boxes in our WebUIs to be quite useful, so it has now been added to Themes and Extensions as well. This should help prevent you from getting lost, while trying out all the latest Opera add-ons.


Further Network installer improvements

Our Network Installer is also constantly improving. Most recently we fixed a problem that could prevent updates when the download passes through a proxy server. If you weren’t able to get the network installer to work before, we encourage you to give it another try.


CHR-1984 Apply zero budget memory policy when showing in background
CHR-2506 Update chromium on master to 36.0.1976.2
CHR-2541 Backport performance fix for jni_generator.py
DNA-13567 Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support in Windows 7 WP1
DNA-15689 Complains about missing session.db on first start-up
DNA-18320 When right-clicking on a link, it gets selected
DNA-18696 Add accessibility names to search buttons in address field dropdown
DNA-18988 [Tools] Add search boxes to all WebUIs
DNA-18989 Add search box in opera:themes
DNA-18990 Add search box in opera:extensions
DNA-19186 Run signtool as few times as possible with repacking
DNA-19600 Empty URL field after editing bookmark in Bookmarks Bar when new URL is typed without protocol
DNA-19886 Standalone installed Stable is automatically become default browser without choice
DNA-20357 [Win] Network installer: download fails: redirect to a disallowed domain
DNA-20541 [Windows] Implement WebNotifications WP1
DNA-20543 [Win] Zoom levels not accessible from OMenu dropdown when navigating with keyboard
DNA-20719 It should not be possible to resize the network installer window
DNA-20815 Pressing Esc cancels search, but doesn’t clear input field
DNA-20817 Search highlight kills space
DNA-20826 Hide “Opera help” link when searching in settings
DNA-20848 Strings with ‘hidden’ attribute are taken into account during search
DNA-20876 Separate “Terms of Service” in opera:about in “EULA” and “Privacy Policy”
DNA-20877 Crash to open javascript popup
DNA-20897 Fix unstable test LazyBackgroundPageApiTest.WaitForNTP
DNA-20903 Add to Speed Dial option in Heart Menu is cut off for Polish language
DNA-20905 Check how many times storing the UUID fails on the user PC.
DNA-20906 Download progress-bar glitches
DNA-20907 [Windows] Implement WebNotifications WP2
DNA-20916 Add attempt counter to the AU protocol
DNA-20921 Remove heart menu from chrome.identity window
DNA-20925 Opera crashes on opera::AddressBarView::OnDidChangeFocus when focusing address bar in chrome.identity window
DNA-20932 Increase AU client’s timeouts
DNA-20934 Opera does not fallback to NPAPI flash when PPAPI flash installation is broken
DNA-20965 netinstaller: Redirect on JSON URL is allowed
DNA-20972 Empty suggestion list after typing ‘space’
DNA-20975 Opera crashes on opera::StoredURLHelper::IsStoredInBookmarks
DNA-20979 Opera crashes when running AutofillTest.AppendCountryCodeForAggregatedPhones
DNA-21011 [Mac] Heart button and menu is missing accessibility support
DNA-21018 Session is lost after update from old versions of Opera
DNA-21033 Reload errored-out page experiment is disabled
DNA-21037 [Win] Zoom levels increase and decrease controls have [null] name when checked with Inspect.exe
DNA-21043 [Win] Crashes/freezes on dialog windows in chromium intake 36.0.1976.2
DNA-21056 It should not be possible to bookmark/stash/speeddial a pop-up window.
DNA-21060 Searches opened on tabs are not counted for stats after session restart.
DNA-21066 [Win] Fix for uninstallation survey is not very stable
DNA-21136 [Win] When the plus disappeared from the bookmarks bar, items there became inaccessible.
DNA-21140 Fix codesignature_checker build with OS X 10.6 SDK
DNA-21154 [Mac] Pixel adjustments. Centering and right border clipping
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