Opera Developer 23.0.1508.0

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News del 22 Maggio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 23.0.1508.0
Note di rilascio:

Today we update our developer stream to version 23.0.1508.0. As usual it contains a bunch of fixes (check out the full changelog) and some news. You will see some new features which we hope you will like.

The new Heart menu

New heart button in Oprea UI We have freshen up our heart. ;) There is a new one on the right side of the address bar.

Now it’s more intuitive, you do not have to “learn” icons, just click on the new heart to open a menu. Try to add your favorite page to any of Stash, Speed Dial or the bookmarks bar and you will see the heartbeat.

Opera Turbo start-up time

When Opera Turbo is enabled, you will now get faster start-up time on slow network connections. Opera Turbo will delay loading of background tabs (“lazy-session loading”) until they are activated. Thus limiting the amount of simultaneous network connections and bandwidth usage when restoring the previous session during start-up. This will load the web page faster and make your browsing much easier.

Delayed loading of background tabs can also be enabled without Opera Turbo from the new “Delay loading of background tabs” option found in the Start-up section in Advanced Settings. The option will always be enabled when using Opera Turbo.

Settings’ new option for delayed loading of backgroud tabs

Insecure content mixed in on secure pages

Insecure content (HTTP) will no longer be loaded on secure pages (HTTPS). Content is of course blocked by default for security purposes. (Pages should not include mixed content!) For backwards compatibility, users can unblock the blocked content. This, however, will be at the expense of the page’s security level which will no longer identified as secure.

Preventing plug-in freezes

Very sad plug-in placeholder
Have you ever have a plug-in crash or freeze on you? Opera will now provide better feedback when deciding to stop a plug-in to recover the browser window. For slow responding plug-ins, users can now disable the plug-in or reload the page if needed.

Pepper plug-ins

If you have the Pepper variant of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed on your computer, Opera will now prefer PPAPI plug-ins (“Pepper”) to the older NSAPI plug-in (“Netscape”). There are not many PPAPI plug-ins out yet, but they should start to show up soon: and Opera is ready for them.

Fixed issues

The page loading icon is in the correct location on Windows now.


CHR-2387 Plugins crash or freeze survival scenario WP1
CHR-2424 PluginHungWatcher supports waiting for hung plugins.
CHR-2436 Adapted chromedriver to Opera.
CHR-2530 Add mechanism to re-route process launch.
DNA-17164 [Win] With ‘Show full URL’, protocol/parameters for custom non-qualified domains are not greyed out
DNA-17514 Not able to import bookmark into current opera browser after fresh install
DNA-18330 [Windows] Single Heart in the address field – initial implementation
DNA-18344 [Win] Contextual menu is shown in the wrong position after scrolling page
DNA-18371 Encoding choice is not remembered through restarts
DNA-18667 Install-time default browser – code cleanup.
DNA-18957 Disable context menus in webauth flow window
DNA-18992 Translate strings for Opera 22
DNA-19658 CLONE – [Win] Touch screen – impossible to select items from address bar dropdown after Chromium intake.
DNA-19787 [Win] graphic glitch when a middle tab is selected and the tab on the right is highlighted
DNA-19794 Remove useless or deprecated switches
DNA-19826 11th search engine shows generic favicon
DNA-19889 [Win] Opera crash on opening a tab with ‘onload print’ in the background
DNA-19896 Text in bubble is awkwardly positioned
DNA-19997 Auto-update does not work on MacOSX 10.6 and Opera 22
DNA-20002 opera://bookmark importer – folders import button behaviour
DNA-20069 [Win] Ctrl + Backspace in edit field navigates to the directory up
DNA-20111 Enable opera://flags/#addons-detailed-errors on developer channel
DNA-20224 [Win] After uninstalling Opera survey is not shown
DNA-20344 Cannot add new search engines by Enter
DNA-20351 [Win] Network installer visible in silent mode
DNA-20352 [Win] Network installer should return error codes
DNA-20425 Opening a new tab and quickly pasting URL appends “about:blank” to the end of the string
DNA-20472 Bundled (external) extensions not visible on opera://extensions.
DNA-20521 Fix extension permission failures in Next/Stable channel
DNA-20523 Clicking on extension puzzle icon in the address bar crashes Opera
DNA-20537 [Win] When bookmarks bar links/expander focused with accessibility, this is not visually reflected
DNA-20539 Opera crashes >extensions::WebNavigationTabObserver::DidStartProvisionalLoadForFrame
DNA-20564 Adblock Plus extension crashes renderer
DNA-20578 [Tools] Themes: Incorrect text format of theme license
DNA-20602 [Windows] Single Heart in the address field – Second iteration
DNA-20604 Small extension code cleanup after CHR-2463 intake.
DNA-20630 [Mac] Single Heart in the address field – Update heart button to look like a real button
DNA-20638 Unable to select URL from address field while page is still loading
DNA-20640 WebNavigation events not triggered for detached (dragged between two browser windows) pages.
DNA-20641 Crash on failing one-click installation
DNA-20650 Set current channel in renderers for API availability checks
DNA-20661 [Win] Bookmarks bar expander has [null] name when checked with Inspect.exe
DNA-20693 Hearts are not the same size
DNA-20694 Heart does not have a tooltip
DNA-20702 Re-implement the flag for Allow insecure content
DNA-20711 Unblocking notifications (not) resizing
DNA-20720 Heart Menu should use Lucida Grande instead of Helvetica
DNA-20786 Crash in FavoriteCollectionWrapper::AddFavoriteSite
DNA-20792 Swap booking.com and Wikipedia speed dial entries in Netherlands
DNA-20808 Enable plugins crash or freeze scenario flag on master (#hung-plugin-monitor)
DNA-20818 [Mac] The heart in the address field is too dark
DNA-20821 Session is lost after update and restart
DNA-20822 [Windows] Single Heart in the address field – Add pumping heart animation
DNA-20823 Fix partner content image migration
DNA-20824 Simplify tooltip setting in HoverCloseButton
DNA-20846 Extensions does not get added to the right place in the addressbar.
DNA-20850 Opera crashes on >extensions::url_request_util::IsWebViewRequest
DNA-20862 Enable heart menu flag on Developer
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