Opera Developer 23.0.1499.0

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News del 14 Maggio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 23.0.1499.0
Note di rilascio:

Today we move the developer stream to 23.0.1499.0 and with it another big bump to our underlying rendering engine, allowing us to keep up to date with the latest web standards.

As our long-term users will know, standards are very important to us here at Opera. The latest example of this is that Opera 23 now supports Unprefixed CSS Transforms. Something I know that many of you have been waiting for. To ensure that we can have further such improvements, a number of our developers are currently participating in the BlinkOn 2 conference (a conference for Blink contributors). Being part of such a conference allows for the kind of collaboration that should help open the web even more.

Future improvements

I thought I would spend a moment to talk more generally about Opera for desktop computers and our development efforts. In addition to the work on 23, we have many ongoing projects to further improve your browser. For example, we currently have internal projects looking at improvements to bookmarking and even more installer work. We can’t promise you will see the results right away but don’t think for a moment we have slowed down in our efforts!

Collaboration with other browser vendors

It is not just internal work however. As mentioned above, Opera is actively working to engage in further cross collaboration. This isn’t limited just to our work on Chromium, Blink, V8. Recently some of our developers have also been working with a Mozilla technology, PDF.js. Our work on PDF.js has a little way to go and is not the only avenue we have explored. From these results however, we concluded that PDF.js is a very valid candidate to be used as the default PDF viewer in the Opera Browser.


As the first developer build for 23 and with a big bump to our rendering Engine there is always the chance that something could be broken, despite our very best efforts! Therefore, please give this release a thorough test and let us know if you find any issues.

Known issues

The page loading icon is in the wrong location on Windows


CHR-456 Basic memory allowance infrastructure.
CHR-952 Update ICU data files for Opera specific locales
CHR-1974 Give localserver time to shut down
CHR-2038 Guard against bad input or OOM when converting Java bitmap to Skia bitmap
CHR-2093 Enable basic support for using delegated renderer
CHR-2254 Create offscreen compositor when GL view is hidden
CHR-2344 Add support for requesting snapshot without triggering repaint
CHR-2352 Allow passing a message pump to the run loop of a thread object.
CHR-2424 PluginHungWatcher supports waiting for hung plugins.
DNA-7438 It is possible to paste CR to sliding password dialog
DNA-7459 [Win] Blue/Green download notification should disappear when downloaded file is opened
DNA-7966 Opera program icon in Windows XP task bar is resized looking ugly
DNA-10643 Popup window opened by javascript.open has incorrect size if one was specified.
DNA-12651 [Windows][hidpi] Scrollbars are blurry with HiDPI on.
DNA-14032 Crash in opera::PageViewCollection::Clear
DNA-15585 Insecure Youtube pages
DNA-17075 [Mac] Two separators used in the view menu in 10.6
DNA-17190 Omnibox extensions UI shouldn’t be visible in private window when private mode is disabled
DNA-17569 Pages using the same renderer as that of an extension should not be suspended
DNA-17614 Fraud protection page hangs
DNA-17642 history addressbar search doesn’t match text in brackets
DNA-17745 DCHECK when adding an omnibox extension with an already existing keyword
DNA-17794 [Addons] Add a flag for enabling/disabling experimental APIs
DNA-18035 Speed Dial suggestions thumbnails made persistent
DNA-18200 Infinite scrolling not working on 9gag when Off-Road Mode is enabled
DNA-18376 Encoding menu does not show which group the selected encoding belongs to
DNA-18473 [Win][HiDPI] When any DPI higher than standard is set Opera UI is drawn way to big
DNA-18474 [HiDPI] Artifacts after hovering menu items in OMenu
DNA-18521 [Win] Unable to type Chinese at address field containing a visited URL
DNA-18820 TestTempProfileAPIs.testTempProfileAPIs
DNA-18908 chrome.identity unsupported messages should return more meaningful messages
DNA-18936 [HiDPI][Tools] Bad font style for native controls
DNA-18948 When closing multiple tabs, if you close one and the next one along cascades into its place you can’t close that tab without moving the cursor off it and back
DNA-18970 No chrome.omnibox onInputStarted and onInputChanged events for keywords that are interpreted as URLs (e.g. “/.” on Mac)
DNA-18971 [Win][HiDPI] Radio buttons, checkboxes and arrows at dropdown list in WebUI are rendered jagged and blurry
DNA-18976 [Win][HiDPI] Add bookmark dialog does not accept mouse input with HiDPI on
DNA-18993 Striped background on 125% DPI
DNA-18994 No search engine defined (Crash in AddressSearchProviderView::SetSelectedProviderOverride)
DNA-19147 At “about opera” checking for updates shows the error.
DNA-19224 Remove Views fork
DNA-19236 Remove redundant non-Aura code
DNA-19239 [nb] button label cut off on Content blocker pop up
DNA-19256 [Win][HiDPI] When moving Opera tab while HiDPI is on tab is scaled but the window preview is not
DNA-19259 Turn download resuming on by default.
DNA-19330 Pref encryption for startup URL list is not tied to the client’s machine
DNA-19338 Problems saving Password in BTS
DNA-19347 Disable OS X crash reporter for internal and debug builds
DNA-19381 Settings: Don’t show border and box-shadow for selected item of ‘default search engines’ section
DNA-19384 Address bar auto-complete uses Speed dial display URL instead of redir.opera.com URL
DNA-19393 Themes created by Opera not accepted by the Add-ons server
DNA-19435 Mac Packaging Revamp
DNA-19457 [Mac] Heart icon disappears for a short moment for particular cases
DNA-19460 Heart is beating differently for Stash
DNA-19484 Name of bookmark in Bookmarks Bar changes its position while default icon is being replaced by the favicon
DNA-19493 New Speed Dial tab is being opened after dragging SD folder to the tab bar
DNA-19552 Remove Pin Tabs flag
DNA-19553 Remove Import profile from Opera 12 or other Presto-based Opera flag
DNA-19554 Remove JavaScript Dialogs flag
DNA-19556 Remove Site preferences flag
DNA-19559 [Win] After allowing blocked elements, the badge still shows to unblock
DNA-19567 Update title for megogo.net SD entry
DNA-19569 Enable import from running browsers.
DNA-19596 Single file packaging not working on master
DNA-19606 Tab activation order is incorrect in some cases when closing active tab
DNA-19611 Change run_uuid to group_uuid in urlplayer
DNA-19616 Print sizes information at packaging
DNA-19631 Content Blocked pop-up stays open after link is clicked.
DNA-19640 Fix the name of the alert_utilities.h file in the project
DNA-19641 JS error caused by calling .filter on empty list of suggestions from server
DNA-19645 Switch to 7zip for Mac tests
DNA-19651 Search engines with POST method not are not working and not saving in the stats
DNA-19657 “Inspect element” at context menu is gray-out and not working
DNA-19685 [Mac] Blue download notification should disappear when downloaded file is opened
DNA-19691 Refine the way that [Start Page] section is generated in theme’s persona.ini file
DNA-19694 Fix Mac 7zip shared library build packaging
DNA-19706 Add chrome.proxy browsertests
DNA-19707 Remove signin_core_browser dependency from webdata
DNA-19708 Use proper image for Yahoo!Japan
DNA-19781 ‘no content’ sliding toolbar appears when installing third party extensions or starting download by typing url in address bar
DNA-19785 [Tools] Themes: Remove unused and out of date files
DNA-19788 Opera 22 crashes on >opera::Browser::UpdateStartPageContentsSize
DNA-19794 Remove useless or deprecated switches
DNA-19804 Right click is not working on the „+” button in Bookmarks Bar
DNA-19827 No error message when trying to load broken developer extension
DNA-19828 Get rid of chrome_resources.gyp:theme_resources dependency
DNA-19833 Swap SOL.no and Appear.in speed dial entries
DNA-19842 Spellcheck not working
DNA-19845 Speed Dial broken after adding extension to folder
DNA-19849 Wrong URL after going backwards (or forwards) in the history
DNA-19853 Fix register of prefs::kAllowFileSelectionDialogs
DNA-19876 Replace Zalando SD entry with startsiden.no
DNA-19877 Not all packages configurations with same target created during packaging
DNA-19881 [Mac] Single Heart in the address field – Activate bookmark bar when adding a bookmark.
DNA-20002 opera://bookmark importer – folders import button behaviour
DNA-20003 Import at first run not working with Chrome.
DNA-20022 Use ref=plus instead of ref=featuredfeed
DNA-20023 Typo in flag
DNA-20037 crash on closing additional window by closing last tab
DNA-20043 The “Auto-detect” encoding menu’s item should be a checkbox
DNA-20059 Opera freezes after trying to use chrome extensions proxy
DNA-20063 [HiDPI][Win] Spinner animation is not fluid
DNA-20120 [Mac] Opera asserts when clicking between extension buttons inside the url field area.
DNA-20264 Speed Dial page becomes unclickable
DNA-20277 [bn][te][hi][ta]chrome.identity API usage callout text cutoff
DNA-20285 scheduled task AU flag is off in 22 next
DNA-20353 Update search URL for AVG secure search
DNA-20365 Update search suggest URL for AVG secure search
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