Opera Developer 22.0.1471.5

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News del 24 Aprile 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 22.0.1471.5
Note di rilascio:

Welcome back after Easter break,

We’re updating Opera Developer to 22.0.1471.5. Inside you can find few bugfixes.

We’re really happy with all the feedback we get from you. So go ahead and join the discussion by replying to this post. Good luck with testing Opera Developer!


CHR-357 Don’t use backtrace functionality for __UCLIBC__
CHR-896 Allowed Views framework forking for Opera.
CHR-1946 Downgrade page security if an inline has invalid certificate.
CHR-2281 Pass custom data attributes to WebMediaPlayer
CHR-2309 Make automatic profile data safer and more userfriendly.
CHR-2362 Windows: Buttons should have blue outline when they are focused
DNA-3090 Tab labels should become inactive when the window loses its focus
DNA-12085 Blocked popups do not open with the correct window size when opened from ‘popups blocked’ button
DNA-13320 MHTML files saved by Opera are not associated with it or any other software on Mac
DNA-13671 Opera should override forced Win 8.1 scaling when HiDPI support is off
DNA-15706 Add the button and dialog for unblocking insecure content in secure pages
DNA-16149 Wrong option in View menu bar while on full screen or presentation mode
DNA-16399 Try to reenable the extensions smoke tests that have been disabled due to problems slow Windows builders
DNA-16665 flash elements disappears after opening webinspector on windows
DNA-16714 Opera 19+ UI is tiny
DNA-16998 Make automatic profile data safer and more userfriendly
DNA-17238 [Win] Unable to tab to any of the installer page fields
DNA-17244 Class for asynchronous Opera package download
DNA-17538 [Mac] Install bubble shown outside browser with too many extensions
DNA-17735 Network installer controller
DNA-17794 [Addons] Add a flag for enabling/disabling experimental APIs
DNA-17828 Translate strings for Opera 21
DNA-17860 Blank page after opening new tab – Speed Dial is not visible until the cursor will be moved in the web content part of window
DNA-17923 Make a mask to round the corners of the addressbar.
DNA-17935 Opera 20.0.1387.77 (Polish): “Opera -> Page -> Save As -> Complete html page” saves all files into a subdir, but does not create a final HTML file
DNA-18000 session-tabs-serialization does not load some contents
DNA-18008 Adding speed dial folder to bookmark bar creates a bookmark with opera://startpage/#none address
DNA-18232 ExtensionApiTest.ChromeIdentityJsBindings failing on release builds
DNA-18243 [Windows] Fix webauthflow window size
DNA-18244 Disable unnecessary UI elements in webauth flow window
DNA-18339 No “The extension was disabled because it is from an unknown source.” message visible after trying to install the extension
DNA-18411 Opera goes to fullscreen mode after restart from presentation mode
DNA-18413 Clicking on Webdriver elements may never return control
DNA-18433 Automated tests for one-click extension installation
DNA-18491 Assertion in AutofillExternalDelegate::DidAcceptSuggestion when a form is associated with a saved password
DNA-18492 Stash_smoke times out a lot
DNA-18597 Final redirect in webauthflow isn’t immediate
DNA-18621 crash in opera::BackgroundSiteLoader::Cancel
DNA-18626 Autofill requests should be invisible to extensions
DNA-18639 LazyBackgroundPageApiTest.WaitForNTP failing
DNA-18645 Pepper Flash on Mac cannot obtain microphone input permissions
DNA-18648 [Win] There is no image after crashing plugin, blank space is shown after crash
DNA-18658 [Win] Some downloads in downloads manager are shown with white font
DNA-18671 regression: ExtensionAPIAvailabilityTest.ExtensionAPIsInCurrentChannel
DNA-18705 Rename Off-Road back to Turbo for all languages
DNA-18706 player.pl – Silverlight player does not play the content.
DNA-18718 [Win] Position of invalid cert dialog lands on random places when restored window is set to fullscreen mode (F11)
DNA-18722 ‘Permission’ button shouldn’t be visible when permission dialog is opened
DNA-18727 No double click protection on camera and microphone request dialogs
DNA-18740 opera:extensions and opera:plugins are blank
DNA-18741 Compilation error in extension_prefs.cc
DNA-18750 [Win] Fullscreen: Esc on search sliding toolbar restores the window
DNA-18756 Remove couple of flags enabled on stable
DNA-18760 Inconsistent way of adding bookmarks to Bookmarks Bar
DNA-18764 Package pdb and map files for installer
DNA-18765 Enable one-click installation on Developer builds
DNA-18766 Unittests fail with “osmesa.so not found at…”
DNA-18768 Fix extension tests
DNA-18769 [Mac] WP5 Add support for MP3
DNA-18770 opera:about/thanks is shown as plain text
DNA-18771 [Mac] Install bubble shown below the Opera window for extensions with page actions.
DNA-18777 Plus-signs in new plus dialog should show on focus
DNA-18778 Opera should let Chromium do OS detection on Windows.
DNA-18779 ‘More Extensions’ link points to wrong location
DNA-18784 Running launcher again errors out instead of opening tab in existing browser
DNA-18786 Inconsistent behaviour while removing duplicated entries in Bookmarks Bar and Speed Dial with use of heart menu
DNA-18808 [Mac] The download icon bounces when clearing downloads
DNA-18810 DCHECK on double click on a sliding toolbar’s OK/Cancel/close etc
DNA-18816 [Mac] Single Heart in the address field – Let keyboard loop menu
DNA-18824 DCHECK on closing a tab while a notification sliding toolbar is being closed
DNA-18857 Not all subprocesses of a browsertests process call SetCrashInfo
DNA-18924 [Mac] Single Heart in the address field – Add blinking heart indicator
DNA-18928 Set ‘Grass’ as default theme
DNA-18940 Prevent webNavigation getting details of chrome.identity.launchWebAuthFlow
DNA-18963 [Mac] Opera crashes when trying to open chrome.identity window
DNA-18977 No need to store the textfields ‘read only’ state two places.
DNA-18991 Assert in ThemeService::Init
DNA-18996 Create tests covering AU using binary patching
DNA-19018 Enable enhanced autofill on all channels
DNA-19029 Enable chrome.identity API on stable chanel
DNA-19031 Missing input files when generating project after CHR-2318 (intake).
DNA-19123 The autoupdate_unittests fail to link on Windows
DNA-19137 Redundant web_contents check
DNA-19157 empty speed dial and discover after a refresh
DNA-19160 Reenable handling RequestMediaAccessPermission in ExtensionHost.
DNA-19162 InProcessBrowserTest assert at start with “Check failed: g_browser_process”
DNA-19170 StashAPI is missing from service dependencies.
DNA-19173 Several extensions browsertests fail
DNA-19174 Plugin Crash sliding toolbar is not behind opera://flags/#hung-plugin-monitor
DNA-19179 [Mac] Blacklist opera://startpage/#none from being shown in the status bar
DNA-19190 [Win] Crash on hitting Esc while in Developer Tools
DNA-19226 Instead of spaces it is “|” – Clear Private Data Dialog (Spanish[es-ES])
DNA-19251 [fi] Bottom strings in opera:about look like missing spaces in two places
DNA-19257 Opera crashes when switching and closing tabs
DNA-19324 Browser crashes when closing a tab with sliding tool bar
DNA-19346 Renderer crash at ExtensionHelper::OnSetTabId()
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