Opera Developer 22.0.1460.0

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News del 04 Aprile 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 22.0.1460.0
Note di rilascio:

There comes the first Opera 22 update that will benefit from the new silent update process on windows. You should be upgraded to it automatically, without even a UAC prompt.

In addition, to make the autoupdating even smoother, the autoupdate packages will now be sent to you in the form of a patch instead of a full package, whenever possible. This will hopefully help those of you who pay per Mb downloaded or those who have a strict monthly download quota,

In addition to this, this build also contain a few bug fixes and crash fixes. See the changelog for the full list.

For those of you who are curious or need more information in order to produce a better bug report, here are some more technical details:

The silent autoupdate feature is implemented using a scheduled task. Those of you familiar with the Windows Task Scheduler should be able to use it to retrieve information about the task. The scheduled task is supposed to run on system startup and every day initially, but we can adjust it run every few days instead if we need to reduce the load on our servers. When Opera is running, it will keep track of whether the scheduled task is running normally and will attempt to run it manually when needed. If all else fails (which should really not happen), Opera will fall back to running autoupdate itself and in such a case, UAC prompts might appear anyway.

One important exception to silent autoupdate happens if you have installed Opera from a standard user account and elected to install for the “Current User” to a folder requiring administrative privileges. The installer will allow you to proceed as usual, but it will not create a scheduled task. For installations made in this fashion, autoupdate will keep working as it used to instead and UAC prompts might appear. This is obviously because creating a scheduled task allowing silent installation from the standard user account would be impossible.

The patch packages also have their own interesting story. They are generated using bsdiff between a pair of full package. Since we release quite a large number of packages, we can’t realistically create patch packages for every single pair of packages we release (the time required and the amount of storage needed would be prohibitive). Therefore, we only generate patch packages from those pairs which we consider likely to be used as an upgrade path. In other words, if we think many user will upgrade from version X to version Y, there will be a patch package for it. And if we think it is unlikely that people will upgrade from version X to version Z, people using version X will be served a full version Z package when autoupdating.

The process of applying the binary diffs from the patch package is quite simple: First, your opera installation will be copied entirely to a temporary folder, then bspatch will be used to apply the diffs. If applying the diffs fails (and this should really not happen), then a full package will be downloaded and used instead. Finally, when the patch has been applied, the installer is run from the patched opera folder, as if it had been run from a full package, and upgrades the actual opera installation.

That’s all the technical infos for today. Stay tuned for future info about opera in general and autoupdate/the windows installer in particular. As usual, any feedback or bug report is greatly appreciated.

Known issues

opera:extensions and opera:plugins are blank
opera://about/thanks is shown as plain text


DNA-9126 Add realm part proxy authentication response to the credentials dialog
DNA-16602 Multiline prompt field on Mac
DNA-16734 Upgrade curl to latest available version (7.36)
DNA-16914 Reenable CrxInstaller::original_download_url()
DNA-17785 [Mac] Default fav icon in tab is replaced by SD icon
DNA-18131 New window is positioned in same place as parent window when parent window is close to the right-bottom corner of the screen
DNA-18188 [Win] LeftAlt+D focuses on the address bar AND opens OMenu
DNA-18311 [Mac] Single Heart in the address field – Initial version
DNA-18331 [Windows] Blurry images in WebUIs with non-100% DPI setting
DNA-18421 [Win] [HiDPI] Cannot move window by grabbing right side of title bar
DNA-18503 [Win] Touch screen – impossible to select items from address bar dropdown
DNA-18510 Move “Gray” theme to the bottom of the list
DNA-18512 WP1 for DNA-13760: Put imported bookmarks in correct place
DNA-18592 Fix for crash on Google Docs breaks compilation on VS2010 and VS2012
DNA-18620 opera:about and opera:plugins are missing dedicated speed dial thumbnails
DNA-18638 ExtensionAPIAvailabilityTest.ExtensionAPIsInCurrentChannel fails
DNA-18643 Minor fixes in extensions files
DNA-18644 Opera crashes when trying to clear history with one-click data entries
DNA-18647 [Win] Slinding toolbars tied to WebContents notifications are not animated on appearing
DNA-18653 Scrap OperaProfileInterface
DNA-18666 Scrap [OTR]OperaProfile[Impl]
DNA-18695 Heart stays in enable state when you hide Bookmarks bar and page was added to Bookmarks bar
DNA-18697 [Mac] Single Heart in the address field – Add keyboard support
DNA-18701 Improve Encoding of Theme Images
DNA-18717 [Mac] Need to always show Permissions link in one-click extension installation toolbar
DNA-18720 10 KeyedServiceFactories are not built in a timely manner
DNA-18721 One click install toolbar should have ‘Install extension’ button instead of ‘Install’
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