Opera Developer 21.0.1432.0

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News del 06 Marzo 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 21.0.1432.0
Note di rilascio:

We’re rolling out a new Opera developer update. This includes bug fixes. Bookmarks which are dragged from Bookmarks Bar to Tab Bar are now opening in the proper place on Mac – not as the last tab. The behavior of download notification button is also fixed – it was still visible after cleaning the download history and now it’s hidden like it’s supposed to.

You can check full list of fixes in the changelog.

Let us know if you’re having problems with our current Developer stream. And if you’re curious, I’m Wojtek. I’ve recently joined the team as a Mac Product Tester. Looking forward to getting your feedback about this update! :)


The Off Road section of the help page is displayed after turning on Off Road Mode for the first time
Bookmarks dragged from Bookmarks Bar to Tab Bar are opening in the proper place
Known issues:

Some Speed Dial thumbnails are not generated when a new page is saved to Speed Dial
Downloads pop-out can refuse to Open on Mac


DNA-7297 Not able to deal with non-standard response encodings
DNA-8438 SSL blocking page styling and content
DNA-12582 Search Manager corrections on Mac and Windows
DNA-13794 Crash in BookmarkDragController::BookmarkDragController()
DNA-14755 [Win] QAB folder is created on the last position, regardless of the context menu position
DNA-15115 Dragged tab above QAB does not look like a dragged link (pixel-by-pixel)
DNA-15192 With one or few tabs, impossible to drag and drop an item on the right side of + (tab bar)
DNA-15432 [Mac] QAB folder is created on the last position, regardless of the context menu position
DNA-15486 [Win] JS dialogs disappear after the tab is detached and re-attached
DNA-15489 Update the autofill web UI with the new fields
DNA-15533 Crash in >views::NativeViewAccessibilityWin::GetPropertyValue
DNA-15717 Hide very long URLs in Download-Manager
DNA-16155 [Win] No autocomplete after selecting url in addressfield and typing afterwards
DNA-16264 The “start up” tab is blank just remains the “speed dial”, “stash”, “discover” buttons, the search shortcut on the top right and the background image
DNA-16448 [pl][sk][hu][be][cs][hr] Inline installation of extensions dialog’s text cut off
DNA-16454 net installer confirmation dialog isn’t keyboard accessible
DNA-16549 Update custom_partner_content.json files
DNA-16699 The position of video at YouTube moves rightwards
DNA-16723 [Win] Network Installer – download failed
DNA-16736 Download notification button keeps to be shown
DNA-16744 Opera Autoupdate does not support HTTP resume / ranges
DNA-16796 [Mac] Default Bookmarks Bar icon is not pixel perfect
DNA-16826 [Win] netinstaller overwrites files in the package even in the case of a checksum failure
DNA-16889 [Win] Caret instead of selecting whole Address Field is shown when clicking in Address Field while Opera doesn’t have focus
DNA-16890 Confirm Navigation doesn’t pop up when closing tab
DNA-16911 Allow the autoupdate scheduled task to be configured by the AU response.
DNA-16921 date of birth at extended autofiller is inconsequent
DNA-16922 [Win] Plugin crash or freeze survival scenario – get Chromium backend to Opera
DNA-16925 Port extension install bubble functionality
DNA-16940 Shows green padlock while typing
DNA-16943 [Mac] Bookmark dragged from Bookmarks Bar is opening as the last tab (not in the chosen position)
DNA-16973 Browser crashes when extensions background page is destroyed/crashed
DNA-16988 No permissions notification on use of proxy API
DNA-16989 Mouse is not working in address bar after opening any web page
DNA-16992 [Win] Network Installer crashes on redirecting request
DNA-17003 Address profile can have only Date of birth – will be displayed as blank
DNA-17004 Hungary is, for some reason (probably due to timezone), first, special suggested country in autofill form
DNA-17022 Animation on the credits page has 1 frame per second on slower device
DNA-17029 Bookmarks Bar – menu item’s label vertical alignment
DNA-17061 [Mac] Dragging a bookmark folder into itself triggers asserts
DNA-17071 opauto not compiling on VS2013
DNA-17074 Dragging text from outside Opera to bookmark bar is broken.
DNA-17077 USB install installs the wrong language version of Opera
DNA-17083 Advanced setting to prevent accidental Command-Q-ing is broken
DNA-17087 drag and drop link from one window to another doesn’t copy the protocol
DNA-17091 [Win] Clipped movies on Youtube
DNA-17096 Spurious opera.dll.patch in the auto-update diff package causes patch application to fail
DNA-17116 Cmd Click for background tab doesn’t work in full screen on Mac
DNA-17139 Support Command–Option–Left/Right to navigate between tabs
DNA-17149 [Mac] Broken toolbar when opening private window in full screen mode
DNA-17155 Default state of ‘enhanced-autofill’ flag not working as expected
DNA-17169 blue cam icon wouldn’t go away after changing the address on the same domain
DNA-17176 Unit test regressions when moving to Windows 8.1
DNA-17194 Japanese input does not work at address field
DNA-17196 Opera crashes on exit in >opera::ExtensionPopup
DNA-17199 Accelerator shortcuts do not work at menu with sub-menu
DNA-17202 Empty speeddial created when moving extension-speeddial during its installation
DNA-17208 Opera crashes when opening extension manager from private window
DNA-17211 patched autoupdate serially does not work
DNA-17218 Clean up remaining traces of chrome renderer_resources after DNA-16061
DNA-17220 Remove login_model.h leftover from previous intake
DNA-17239 Plugin crash in >content::PluginURLFetcher::OnReceivedRedirect
DNA-17256 AUSystemInfo::GetOsVersion() fails at WindowsNT 7.0
DNA-17257 Opera crashes if you close the tab while downloading
DNA-17259 Some desktop/common/stash/ clean-up
DNA-17265 Chrome password import broken after intake
DNA-17266 Opera autoupdate redownloads package from begining after restart during update
DNA-17267 Insecure content warning not shown in the badge on Mac
DNA-17292 opera:flags search box should search for anchor names
DNA-17293 Unexpected scrolling on opera:flags
DNA-17303 If www.onet.pl is visited, writing “one” (without www.) doesn’t trigger autocomplete.
DNA-17304 Vertical align broken with active “Need to restart Opera” message
DNA-17315 It is not possible to scroll content when cursor is over #sidebar
DNA-17319 [Mac] The Off Road section of the help page should load the first time Off Road is enabled
DNA-17336 CreateFolderOperation::Undo() can loop infintely
DNA-17343 Browsertests: Child end without previous child start
DNA-17355 Some icon’s are cut off on the Bookmarks Bar
DNA-17360 [Win] Dragged tab transformed to link is always completely opaque on first drag attempt
DNA-17370 The URL drop down (a.k.a. Smart Box) displays in the wrong color
DNA-17382 Chromium sync is pulled in as dependency of password_manager
DNA-17392 [Mac] Missing address in address field when authentication dialog shows
DNA-17429 Fix extension issues for chromium intake 1847.3
DNA-17431 [Win] Tab context menu doesn’t show up on right click
DNA-17432 Browsertests sometimes report TestPartResult twice
DNA-17433 Remove XXL logo
DNA-17468 Forms with duplicate fields never display the field type predictions
DNA-17472 [Win] Speed dial resized on opening
DNA-17473 [Win] Nightly builds are not built since 2014-03-03
DNA-17475 opera:about/thanks unwanted space at the bottom of the page after mouse scroll
DNA-17483 Move common files from desktop/windows/classic/ui to desktop/ui/views
DNA-17499 Part 3 – implement NativeProgressBar control.
DNA-17525 Hide install bubble behind feature flag
DNA-17526 Opera crashes when there is no browser window for showing installation bubble
DNA-17529 [Win] Reload button is changed to stop when page is loading in the background
DNA-17535 Install bubble not always shown
DNA-17552 Use safer casts in Mac code
DNA-17557 Fix for opera:settings page after chromium 1847.11
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