Opera Developer 20.0.1387.2

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News del 24 Gennaio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Opera Developer 20.0.1387.2
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Hello everyone,

Another Opera Developer build is out of the door. You have been waiting for it while we worked on stabilizing Opera 19, but it’s worth the wait. This changelog contains a bunch of fixes. Want to see if the bugs that bothered you are now resolved? Install the updated Opera Developer desktop browser and give it a try.

PS: What you see here is the start of the next Opera Next.


Clearing of session cookies when quitting Opera
New chrome extensions API - chrome.proxy and chrome.downloads
JavaScript dialogs have changed
Known issues:

Broken extension pop-out windows on Windows


DNA-12431 “Make Opera my default browser” on settings page should identify stream (Next/Developer)
DNA-14199 thumbnail generator don’t mute html5 sounds / videos
DNA-15159 Discover – return to same position after opening article
DNA-11374 not clearing session cookies
CHR-952 Update ICU data files for Opera specific locales
DNA-11547 Don’t display ‘opera://favicon/*’ in permission dialog when using permission
DNA-15556 Move chrome.proxy to stable channel
DNA-15412 Move chrome.downloads API to stable
DNA-15425 Download button isn’t restored in private window after disabling extension with chrome.downloads.setShelfEnabled(false)
DNA-15377 Rearrange Mac Main Menu Items – WP1
DNA-15539 Rearrange Mac Main Menu Items – WP2
DNA-15487 [Mac] Encoding Menu – WP2
DNA-15537 [Mac] Encoding Menu – WP3
DNA-15439 Allow disabling crash handler on Mac (OPERA_CRASH_HANDLER_DISABLED=1)
DNA-12245 CAT: crash in BookmarkNode::SetMetaInfo
DNA-12702 [Win] Submenu should be bold
DNA-12839 Opera crashes in >opera::MenuItemView::GetMenuItemByID
DNA-13546 Speed Dial is sometimes deleted when added to a folder containing extensions only
DNA-13705 Crash when closing tab when camera/microphone indicator quickly changes its state
DNA-14002 Crash in Macro from WTF::StringImpl::destroyIfNotStatic
DNA-14455 Drag threshold is too big for speed dial items
DNA-14814 Tabs hibernation: restoration content editables’ contents
DNA-14817 Tabs hibernation: automatic background tabs suspension.
DNA-14818 CAT: Crash on Pickle with 20 dev.
DNA-14972 Backward/Forward buttons middle click implementation.
DNA-15007 Bookmark folder drop menu closed on adding to speed dial and deleting bookmark
DNA-15086 CLONE – Opera crashes in >opera::MenuItemView::GetMenuItemByID
DNA-15119 Dragged tab detached view is displayed above the folder drop menu
DNA-15121 “Add search engine” popup doesn’t close after changing address or closing the tab
DNA-15227 When a download is paused, it is impossible to start the same download from the link
DNA-15266 [Win] Inconsistent badge on page auto-refresh when address field modified
DNA-15267 Wrong position of the download popup on Mac when away from the edge of the screen
DNA-15290 opera:startpage#discover does not switch to discover on the startpage itself
DNA-15305 Can’t remove developer extension after changing it’s id via ‘key’ field.
DNA-15326 Navigation buttons on the startpage turns black when clicked
DNA-15332 [Win] Tab Modal Javascript Dialogs, with App Modal option – bring tab modal for webpages, keep app modal for addons WP1
DNA-15335 [Win] Dragging an item out of the expander causes the expander to temporarily disappear
DNA-15336 Add a feature flag to switch “Use big Speed Dial thumbnails” on and off for A/B testing
DNA-15341 [Win] When a bookmark is dragged out of expander, the expander closes and there’s no access to it
DNA-15342 [Win] Sometimes when moving the QAB item, other item is stuck at the expander (not returning to previous position)
DNA-15343 CLONE – Ctrl+F1 does not work if “Find in page” bar is on display. Does not switch tabs on releasing Ctrl key.
DNA-15407 Downloads button in tab bar is always visible
DNA-15413 Opera tries to renew an invalid token
DNA-15419 [Win] System buttons too close to the right border
DNA-15423 Runtime Exception running component builds on Mac
DNA-15431 Back/forward buttons active when SD/Stash/Discover is opened through the OMenu
DNA-15435 Opera crashes during delayed page change with inline installation dialog
DNA-15443 Enable inline installation by default
DNA-15453 keyboard navigation / scrolling doesn’t work well in Discover
DNA-15454 [Win] Tab Modal Javascript Dialogs, with App Modal option – bring tab modal for webpages, keep app modal for addons WP2
DNA-15469 Can’t open .html files in browser from downloads manager
DNA-15471 Opera crashes in >extensions::ExtensionHost::render_view_host
DNA-15474 Crash on loading URL after closing “Confirm navigation” dialog
DNA-15475 [Win] Tab modal JS dialogs (alert, confirm, prompt) have double click protection
DNA-15476 [Mac] Revert JS Dialogs to Tab Modal (and retain App Modal code)
DNA-15494 [Win] QAB folder dropdown sometimes is persistent when a tab is detached, hovered and reattached
DNA-15495 Download callout is not closed after 2nd click on Downloads icon
DNA-15496 Strings for a downloads in progress dialog
DNA-15506 Dotted border around address field when focused
DNA-15514 Start page is reloaded in creating a new tab
DNA-15515 New tab is opened in clicking SD button while on a page
DNA-15516 [Win] Crash when dragging a tab to expander avoiding touching the bookmarks bar
DNA-15520 Wrong image for the pressed state on the popup blocker button
DNA-15524 Favorite GUID duplication risk in case of corrupt Sync server data
DNA-15558 Call FinishVerifyAllExtensions from VerifyAllExtensions
DNA-15563 UserScriptMaster should activate only after extensions have been initialized
DNA-15565 [Win][qab] Expander menu persistent in multi-window Opera
DNA-15583 [Win] Create a drop menu for add button on QAB
DNA-15589 Port tab_contents_iterator avoid modifying chromium code
DNA-15607 [Mac] Bookmarks Bar – Open All in New Window/ Private Window does not work
DNA-15616 [Win][QAB] Dragged tab is displayed below any 2+ level folders
DNA-15617 Power (KONAMI) setting for custom speed dial size doesn’t work.
DNA-15619 Search provider not reset after navigation.
DNA-15622 Opera crashes when trying to remove synced item from extensions folder
OPAU-332 Crash when closing browser in PrivateWindowsSmokeTests.testPrivateWindowCookies
TVSDK-4166 Pass mime-type down to UVA backend
TVSDK-4241 Jenkins builders can’t build master due to gn requiring too recent a GLIBC version
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